Recent goings-on

The children have enjoyed their holidays so far, with trips to water parks a…

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Water, water, everywhere...

At this time of year, with the temperatures regularly hitting over 100° F (4…

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60 years a priest!

Last Saturday, St. Cornelius Church in Pai Si Tong hosted a church feast, at…

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Thai Father's Day

Fr. Mike came to the office in very good mood last Tuesday morning. His belo…

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School holiday activities

The school holidays were only three weeks long, but the kids, staff and volu…

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Sports day

The last day before the return to school saw our annual sports day. Organise…

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Reading project

Last month, 12 of our house mothers attended a daylong seminar held in conju…

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An exciting visit from Spain

The children received a giant splash of colour and excitement into their lives…

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Kids with disabilities and the Snoozle room

Sarnelli House currently has four severely disabled children under its care.…

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Back to school

Finally, after ten long weeks of swimming, badminton and football, bingo, un…

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  There are stories that need to be told
St Patrick’s House is open again
St Patrick’s House continues to provide shelter and love to another cohort of Sarnelli House boys. It was first built in 2001 with donations from the Marist Fathers in Australia and ... read more
Thai Literacy Camp
Sarnelli House takes the education of the children here very seriously. The support comes in many forms, and not only financial. Br. Keng provides great ... read more
Cebo Ride 2016
This year was the 15th Annual Cebo Ride – and it was a great one! We were blessed with a beautiful summer day. Sunny, but not too hot... read more 
The Reading Corner
All children love to read or to be read to.  With this in mind, Charlotte Pleunis, one of our recent volunteers generously donated a bookcase, books and cushions ... read more
Helping hands
A great activity was organised by our long term friends from The Netherlands - Ben and Angelique Ummels. They worked with four children who have walking problems ... read more
Huahin trip 2016
Last month was a very special time for 12 of our children as they were chosen to accompany Kate, staff member Kru Noi and ... read more

Coming event: Cebo Ride 2016  read more
Or go to Cebo Ride's website click here

Graduation Story
Watching the children of Sarnelli House develop into teenagers and young adults comes with mixed feelings of ... read more
Christmas Party Outreach Program
Our belated Christmas Party for the Outreach Program, once Kate returned from ... read more
Irish Ambassador Visit
We were honoured to receive the Irish Ambassador to Thailand, Mr Brendan Rogers, to Sarnelli House ... read more
50 years a missionary priest
On Saturday 23rd January the annual Church Feast for St Cornelius Church in the village of Pi Si Tong was held... read more 
Father's Day 2015
Last weekend was the King of Thailand’s birthday, Dec 5, and Thai people celebrate Father’s Day at the same time... read more 
Art Story
Christmas is nearly upon us and for the last few years we have been running a Christmas card drawing competition among the children at Sarnelli House ... read more
A Working Visit, Rotary Club Forbes
Thanks to members of the Rotary Club Forbes, Australia for organizing a working visit to Sarnelli House in the school holidays in October... read more

In Memoriam
Francis Wiwat Simmaluang (Teep) ... read more

On Jomp’s farm
The rainy season is a very busy period on Jomp’s farm. Our staff and the kids have put in an enormous shift in ... read more
Cebo Ride 2015
Another very successful Cebo Ride is over for 2015. Many thanks to the fantastic ... read more
Future careers 
The university and senior high school year has already started for some students this month, ... read more
Self sufficiency
After much planning, hard work, some failures and some successes, Jomp’s Farm is starting to ... read more
Holidays water theme
As temperatures soar up to 40C in the Northeast of Thailand in time for Thai New Year ... read more
Graduation Day at Rosario School 2015
The graduation ceremony at Rosario School started early to escape the worst heat of the day. There were about 200 students ... read more
More Relocations
In October / November of 2014 after an influx of new children – (we had 22 new children received into the Sarnelli House family ... read more
Two new arrivals
The last two weeks have been a busy time with the arrival of two new girls bringing a total of four new children who have arrived in January 2015. read more... 
Some gorgeous faces from House of Hope read more.... 
Fishing the fish ponds
Out on Jomp’s Farm the fish are literally jumping out of the water as the farm workers and the boys from Jan and Oscar House,  shoulder deep in brown, ... read more
All Souls Day
All Souls Day was celebrated at Don Wai on Saturday 1st November at 8am. The little cemetery next to Sarnelli House was cleaned and tidied and the villagers’ graves had flowers and candles on them... read more
Extra Special Classes
A big thank you to the teachers at Rosario School who take an extra class every Saturday to help the children at Sarnelli improve their Thai reading and writing... read more
Cebo Ride 2014 
The annual Cebo Ride took place on Saturday 19th July inWinscons in USA . This event is now in its 13thyear and raises money for the children of Sarnelli House ... read more
Fundraising Efforts 2014
Many thanks to our fundraisers who worked to raise money for the children and were from all around the world:
Cebo Ride (USA), Achter kids (USA), Vrienden van Sarnelli (NL), Patrick Mans (NL), Mark Ayers (AUS) read more
School has started (2014)
School has started !! and with the new Thai school commencing  Sarnelli House has had a bit of a reshuffle and kids and staff have been moved around to ... read more
Piano Charity Concert and the journey
On Sunday, May 11, 2014, two piano teachers, Artas and Indhuon Balakauskas with their 21 students from Yamaha Music School set up a piano charity concert in Bangkok... read more 
One of our girls who lived at Sarnelli House for more than 10 years has now begun to live an independent life in Nongkhai.  Now she is 21 years old  and she ... read more
An inspiring week of education
Ruamrudee International School (RIS) from Bangkok with 8 students and 3 teachers descended on Sarnelli House again in April... read more
Contributing to a healthy diet
With the cold season past there are not so many vegetables that can survive the real hot season. However it’s only warming up now so there are still green and healthy vegetables ready ... read more
Roasario Witthayakan School and Viengkhum Wiihayakan School Graduations
A total of 20 children graduated from their various schools this year. 6 young adults graduated from M6 or Grade 12, nine from M3 or Grade 9 and 4 from Kindergarten... read more 
Graduation at Utor Ruah
It’s the start of the graduation season, with the end of term 2 and the Thai school year upon us. 2 young men living at Jan and Oscar House and 1 young woman from Nazareth House ... read more
End of Term Night Out
The start of the second and last term of the school year began at the end of October after 3 weeks of glorious holidays. Even though the majority of children go to ... read more
A Visit by Wang
A wonderful young Thai man by the name of Wang Chamchoy who was born without hands and feet, but is a graduate from the Fine Arts department of Chiang Mai University, came to Sarnelli House ... read more
A group of girls and boys from Sarnelli House who attend Rosario School in Viengkhuk made their Confirmation this month... read more
A Royal Visit
In August this year, a very generous Thai married couple celebrated their birthdays together. Artist Mr Manrat Srikaranonda who turned 85 years old and his wife had a concert with friends and ... read more 

Sarnelli House Poem



Workshop for Sarnelli House staff
The second workshop for Sarnelli House staff was held in July. Many thanks to Kru Goi and Ajaan Gor from Chiang Mai University ... read more

Mother's Day 2013
The Queens Birthday was held on the 12 August and was a holiday throughout Thailand. Mothers Day is celebrated on the Queen’s birthday so ... read more
The Outreach Program May 2013
The Outreach Program has been helping a small family survive for almost 2 years now. This family consists of a great grandmother Khun Yai, her husband a man from Laos ... read more
RIS Visit 2013 
The Ruamrudee International School (RIS) in Bangkok came to Sarnelli House from big, bustling Bangkok in the holidays to run a Thai language camp specifically for... read more

Long Live Songkran
The pinnacle of the kids’ summer holidays has arrived and is still going on. Songkran or the Thai Buddhist New Year has fallen on the 12-16 April this year. For the first time ever many of the children ... read more

  Graduation 2013
Another year goes by and now  it’s the end of the school year this month in  Thailand. It’s graduation time at many of the school... read more
Santa Clause is in the House
No Christmas day would be complete without Santa Claus, and at Sarnelli House Santa made 3 separate appearances... read more 

Christmas Outreach Celebrations
On 22nd December 2012 the Christmas Party for the Outreach Program was celebrated. Over 40 adults who are living with HIV/AIDS attended and 22 children ... read more

Christmas drawing contest
 ... read more

Psychologist camp
The 24th and 25 November, 2012 was a weekend away for the 55 teenagers living with HIV/AIDS at the Jan and Oscar House, Sarnelli House and Nazareth House. Thanks to ... read more

A Bumper crop
Despite the poor rainy season up here in the Northeast of Thailand the rice paddies of Jomp’s Farm have yielded a good crop of glutinous (sticky) rice for ... read more

Halloween 2012
In the Sarnelli House time honored American/Thai tradition, Halloween was celebrated the weekend before school resumed. This year the new Mary and Joseph Hall was the venue and the kids arrived early at around 4 pm for ... read more


Singing for the Stars
On the 18th October during the school holidays a singing contest was organized with the expert help of  ... read more 

Sports Day
The school holidays have started and volunteers are here doing their best to keep the children occupied and amused. There are English lessons that deteriorate into throwing missiles across the room with ... read more 
Welcome home
A great welcome home party was had last month on September 23 when Fr Shea arrived home from the USA after 5 and a half months ... read more
Weeding the Paddies
Throughout the countryside everything is a verdant shade of green, rice is growing in every spare acre or rai of land. On Jomp’s Farm as the ... read more

Mother's Day 2012
Mother's Day was celebrated as a public holiday on the 12h August throughout Thailand this month. For the Sarnelli House children who attend Rosario School there ... read more

Cebo Ride 2012
The Annual fund-raising CeboRide took place on July 21st, 2012. This was the 11thCeboRide and it was also Cebo’s 18th birthday... read more 
Rice planting adventures
It is now the rainy season in Northeast Thailand so work is on hold while the rain does its job and drenches the dry earth and fills the rice paddies ready for plowing and planting. ... read more 

Sarnelli House selected as charity of choice for Japanese singer Makoto
4 T shirts personally signed by Makoto Koshinaka of Aucifer Band were auctioned off on 16th June at a large open air gathering at UD Town the biggest shopping mall in Udon Thani. ... read more

Bung Fai (Rocket Festival)
Monday June 4th was Visakha Bucha Day in Thailand. This day marks the day the Lord Buddha was born, attained enlightenment, and entered into nirvana on the full moon day ... read more
(with pictures and videos)  
Back to School 2012
The kids from all 6 houses at Sarnelli have returned to school! Breathing a sigh of relief and handing over the allotted pocket money, tucking shirts into shorts, ... read more

Another inspiring Koh Samui Adventure
For the landlocked children living at Sarnelli House getting the opportunity to see more of their country and to visit the sea is only...read more

Songkran 2012 (Thai New Year)
The Thai New Year or Songkran was celebrated over the 3 days of April from 13-16th. The House of Hope kids got ... read more 
Teachers from RIS
The week before Songkran, starting 9th April  students from Ruamrudee International School (RIS) in Bangkok  travelled all the way from Bangkok to run a 4 days ... read more 
Nongkhai Festival
It’s March and the long summer school holidays have hit Thailand and up in Nongkhai and in the village of Don Wai in particular...read more 
Volunteer Activities in March
Before the volunteers arrived in the few days after school was  out at the beginning of March,  the kids at Sarnelli House tried to keep up their out of school spirits  by... read more 

We came 3rd in Shai Davis Soccer Tournament 2012
Our team from St Patrick's and Jan and Oscar House played in the tournament at Pattaya -  
Link 1    Link 2 (with VDO)

Graduation March 2012
In March this year before the official start of the school holidays, the annual graduation ceremony at Rosario school was conducted... read more 
Bike repair weekend
In January 2012 a young man from the USA arrived at Sarnelli House. He had previously visited 2 years ago with a group of teachers from the Ruamrudee International School ... read more 
Outreach work
The Outreach Program makes home visits once a week. If new people with HIV/AIDS present themselves at the Friday morning clinic a consequent visit to assess ... read more
TCT Visit
The annual Thai Children’s Trust (TCT) visit to Sarnelli House this year was more exciting than usual. In February Crispian Collins, Chair of Trustees at TCT ... read more 
Fr Bird and Candle making
Fr Bird, one of the three newly ordained young priests that Fr Shea is helping to train, has like his predecessor Fr May T, provided much support, guidance and love to the children already. Every weekend ... read more 

Coming and Going for 2011

read more

Christmas so different but just beautiful
Christmas day is celebrated differently in all parts of the world. We are two German girls who ... read more
2011 Fundraiser
Bob and Timmy (Thai wife) and their daughter Dr. Debbie and her friend and co-worker Dr. Heidi (Chiropractors) put off a fundraiser for Sarnelli every year in Phoenix, Arizona... read more 
Reach Out Day
Christoph Leonard bought the usual Reach Out games and special lunch to the children of Sarnelli House in October. The games were eagerly anticipated and ... read more 
Christmas party for Sarnelli House
Every year, Gersheim School holds a Christmas party for Sarnelli House! ... read more
Rice Harvest
While the terrible floods in Bangkok and central Thailand have inundated the countryside and the suburbs, much rice land has also been destroyed. ... read more 
Halloween 2011
Halloween was celebrated in great style at Pai Si Tong this year. The Jan and Oscar House was the venue for a great meal featuring the newly harvested sticky rice, ...read more  
At St Patrick's
The routine work continues in the school holidays and the boys at St Patrick’s learn at a young age how to feed the pigs and the ducks and ... read more

Art School
The House of Hope children from the ages 2 years to 5 years had a week of art and craft classes during the holidays. They were ferried in the back of the pick up truck ... read more

Cookie Decorating
The boys from Sarnelli House got to show off their creative side when Debbie Willis baked her special recipe for cookies ... read more

Professor Rob
Professor Rob Smeets from Maastricht University Medical Centre, The Netherlands is an expert in rehabilitation medicine. ... read more

Hairdressers at Sarnelli House
In October the holidays started off very well for all the girls and the staff of the houses at Sarnelli House. A hairdresser salon in Nongkhai .... read more

Kids Caring for Kids
"Kids Caring for Kids" offer crafts for donations. The crafts are made by the orphans and poor widows of Sarnelli House. ... read more

Thoughts from a volunteer 
I had the pleasure and privilege to visit Sarnelli House for a little under two weeks at the end of March 2011.  I travelled with... read more

Koh Samui
For the first time in 2011 and for the second trip, 12 excited children travelled almost 1000 km down south to the island of Koh Samui to enjoy ... read more

Staying Afloat and More
Since the opening of the salt water pool in 2010, which was bequeathed to Sarnelli House by “Smitty” Creston Smith and is located behind the House of Hope, the children have... read more 
Songkran 2011
The 3 day season of Songkran and the official start of the Thai new year, started on Wednesday 13 April 2011. At Sarnelli House it started under ... read more 
Linsey Pluckrose
I have just returned from my fourth amazing trip to Sarnelli House. I first visited Sarnelli with my good friend Andy, who had made the trip with Bupa 6 months before and was keen to return... read more 
School Holiday 2011
The school holidays are heading into April with the first month gone already. Despite a cold start to the holidays with rain and weather down to 12 degrees which was unseasonably cold... read more
Visits Home
The Thai New Year or Songkran falls in the school holidays and this is traditionally a very special time for families to get together. Some of the... read more
 Graduation 2011
A record number of kids from Sarnelli House graduated school this year – 20 children in total. On March 5th at ... read more
End of School Year
The countdown to the end of the school year is on. The Thai school holidays start in March and finish mid May. This time takes ... read more
Children's Day 2011
This year for Children’s Day January 2011 at Sarnelli House, Nok Air along with Udon Plaza Co Ltd picked up 40 children from each of the houses... read more
Hula Hoop
The hula hoop craze has really taken hold in House of Hope. The little ones have been practicing for days to put on a show on Valentine’s Day ... read more
RIS Visit 2010
In December 2010 4 dedicated teachers and 4 local Thai staff from Ruamrudee International School (RIS) in Minburi, Bangkok visited Sarnelli House again... read more
Comings and Goings at Sarnelli House 2010
... read more
Miss Dottie
Miss Dottie’s life so far has not been easy. Dottie’s mother and father are both dead from HIV/AIDS and Dottie first came to Sarnelli House when she ... read more
Kids Caring for Kids' Raise Christmas Funds for Sarnelli Kids
The fundraising took place after the November 27/28 weekend masses at St Jules Catholic Church in Lafayette, Louisiana, U.S.A. The Kids Caring for Kids organization, who ... read more

Who was Sarnelli?
Sarnelli was a Redemptorist priest who lived in the 18th century. The following is an account of the life of Blessed Gennaro Sarnelli... read more (video)


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Christmas bazaar at Gersheim Comprehensive School Germany

Angels & Co

This year we celebrated the 10th …

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Rice Harvesting

Up in the North East of Thailand despite the r…

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Keeping the Teeth Clean

In the school holidays this October, four volu…

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Hiew is a 15 year old boy who was previously l…

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Holiday in Koh Samui

After much dreaming and planning solidly for t…

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I Love Thailand TV Program

On the 20th and 21st September 2010 a film cre…

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Ceboride 2010

The 2010 CEBORIDE held in Wisconsin USA on Jul…

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Rice Planting

Ploughing the fields

With the rainy season sc…

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Fr Shea’s Birthday Celebrations

Fr Shea’s birthday celebrations began after ma…

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Camp - June 2010

On two weekends in June, 16 teenagers all livi…

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First Aid Training

For three days, from May 25- 27th, 2010, Thai …

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Ben's death

A while back, I wrote about a little guy, 13 y…

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Caring for Noot

Noot, the first one from the left

Noot came t…

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Every once and a while, we take in a gravely i…

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Samatha Hennessey says

I came here in October 2009 and also April 201…

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Heema's sharing

Heema …..aka Pi Mama

Within the first 5 m…

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Pattaya Holiday 2010

On the Buses!

The buses left Nongkhai after…

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The Pool

The pool behind the House of Hope has finally …

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Holiday activities for March 2010

Aquarium Visit

A visit to the aquarium in Nongk…

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Kids Caring for Kids - Exchange Letters

 Christian Kids in USA and Muslim Kids in Oman…

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Graduation 2010

On March 6th 2010, 10 children from Sarnelli H…

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The 10th Anniversary of Sarnelli House and the Opening of the Jan and Oscar Home

February 15th saw in Valentine’s Day at Sarnel…

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Reflection after a visit to Sarnelli House by Tracey Sauer

Man U and Tracey & gifts

         It is hard to …

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Kids Caring for Kids

In 2007 Ally and Nick Carpenter of Katy Texas st…

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David Jacob's sharing

Before heading to Thailand to volunteer at Sarne…

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Halloween Party 2009

Viw from Viengkhuk with her ice cream


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The Outreach Program and the New Clinic

The New Clinic (pictured): The Outreach Progra…

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A Fairy Tale (Gan and Tha)

On Friday morning, September 18, Mrs. Gung fro…

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Tadum's story

After the ART 2004

Tadum is now 17 years old …

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The Jan and Oscar Home for Teenage Boys

The Gang!

The Jan and Oscar Home for teenage …

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Graduation Day 2009

Boy, Gigi,Oum, Nut, Bee Fr Shea, Ahtit, Fah, Noo…

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School Holidays at Sarnelli House (March 2009)

Stephanie and the runts

Activities for the mo…

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Camping New Year Eve 2008

Breeo & Nuke & Joi-Joi

It is quite a challeng…

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Boy's story

Boy on arrival

Boy came to Sarnelli House is …

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Spinning for Sarnelli House from the Netherlands

On Thursday, December 18, 2008, about one hund…

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The King's Birthday Activities at Sarnelli House

December 5 of every year has special significa…

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Outreach activities (July 2008)

Every last Saturday of the month all the famil…

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St Patrick's (July 2008)

A generous gift of clothes and towels was given …

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Cebo Ride VIII (2008)

On Saturday, June 7, the eighth annual CEBORID…

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Marlos Story

At the moment I am backpacking around the worl…

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Introducing to Kate

Kate and Cebo

Last year, I wrote an introduct…

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On Turning Sixty by Jack Shea

Jack Shea celebrating 60th birthday at Sarnelli …

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Camping 2007

This year, the monsoons started a month late, …

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Cebo Ride VI

Sam and Molly

If the Sarnelli House building …

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Our Volunteers from Belguim

In November 2005, a Belgian couple came to Sar…

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The German Connection

When I first began working with children of AI…

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Fr Mike and Kate a Lively Discussion

Kate first came to us in 2002. One of our litt…

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Wiengkaew Tongwa

A Lao name. The name of a very unfortunate girl fr…

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Father Heinie and The Cookie Girls

In memory of Fr Dick Strass, C.Ss.R. (1933-200…

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Life Changing Experience by Kate

I worked at Sarnelli House from June 2002 - Oc…

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