November 2022 Update

November, 2022                            

Good morning from Sarnelli House!
The cold season and harvest time are approaching. The winds have switched to north and south, bringing chilly…

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October 6, 2022

The government of Thailand has opened up the country to all travellers, with no entry restrictions. Visitors to the country from overseas no longer have to apply for a Thailand Pass. Visitors will no longer have to present any documents related to Covid-19, such as proof of vaccination or results of Covid tests. However, Sarnelli House is not accepting guests who are not fully vaccinated. Health insurance specifically for Covid-19 is no longer required but travel or health insurance is still recommended. For further information, please contact your local Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate.

Sarnelli House is looking forward to the return of volunteers and other visitors, but will require all guests, Thai and foreign, to be fully vaccinated against Covid 19. We are lucky to have been able to welcome guests from the USA, The Netherlands, Germany & France recently, and look forward to seeing more of our friends in the coming months. Guests to Sarnelli House may have to isolate for 48 hours in order to protect any children with compromised immune systems. For information about visiting or volunteering, write to contact@sarnellihouse.org

A way to donate to Sarnelli House

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Should any of our friends in the USA be considering some online shopping at amazon.com, please do so using this link, as every single purchase will result in a donation being made to Sarnelli House.

Shop for friends or family at smile.amazon.com/ch/20-4519502 and Amazon will donate to Friends Of Sarnelli House Ua


Staff seminar

Sarnelli House is always keen to support our staff in their development and ability to manage and look after the children in their care. With this in mind, last week Fr. James invited the Good Shepherd Sisters to run a two day seminar for all staff, focusing on self-care and self-awareness. The …

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Sports Day

Saturday saw the return of an old favourite for the children, sports colours day. It was run by Khun Dungdin Pattapee (Ney) and his Nong Khai foundation. Khun Ney has run many activities and developmental seminars for the children and teenagers of Sarnelli House and we are always grateful for hi…

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Visitors from June to August 2022

We are finally receiving visitors again at Sarnelli Hous…

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March 2020 Visitors

We had to say a sad and premature farewell to our two AP…

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