December 2023 Update


We only had one guy here to celebrate Thanksgiving this year. Me. The only American, so no Thanksgiving. So we will all celebrate Christmas, together with the kids and staff. The kids are all busy crafting the Nativity scenes at e…

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School holiday activities

The school holidays were only three weeks long, but the kids, staff and volunteers packed a lot into those three weeks. There was a trip to the aquarium for the toddlers where they stared into tanks looking for Nemo, and peered into turtle cages. They loved walking, well running, along the passa…

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Sports day

The last day before the return to school saw our annual sports day. Organised with the help of Nong Khai group, Foundation for Child & Youth Development, it was a fun day for all of the kids. They were selected on rival teams, pink and blue and everyone participated in races, volleyball, chair b…

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October visitors

Leon and Henriette Castermans, from the Netherlands arri…

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Visitors July - September


In July, we had a wonderful visit from six Spanish…

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