The Jan and Oscar Home for Teenage Boys

The Gang!

The Jan and Oscar Home for teenage boys living with HIV/AIDS is now open. 14 happy boys - Tanee, Net, Jay, Balm, Choke, Leew, KeeDee, Sahalat, Boy, Top, Beer, Auhn, Nong and Man moved from Sarnelli House and now are living it up in their beautiful new abode, thanks to the generosity of the Jan and Oscar Foundation in Switzerland and their friends Swiss friends. The boys have taken on responsibilities like gardening and helping with the rice planting and are enjoying their new found freedom away from the little kids. They are also learning to be responsible for their ARV medications themselves. Meals are shared with the St Patrick’s boys in the new communal kitchen and dining area. Lots of ploughing, planting, watering and laying of grass has been occupying their spare time since they moved in, and they are still looking happy and content!

Auhn watering


BM ploughing out the back of Jan and Oscar Home


Choke laying mulch to protect the vegetable seedlings

Everybody helping out

Sorting the chillies

Lining up for dinner

Food at last!

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