School Holiday 2011

The school holidays are heading into April with the first month gone already. Despite a cold start to the holidays with rain and weather down to 12 degrees which was unseasonably cold for this time of year the temperature is now starting to rise. The pool was off limits for the first 2 weeks at least because of the weather but now it’s in full use. The children have a program where each of the houses has an hour to themselves each day. Piling the Sarnelli kids into the van with towels and blow up pool toys is easy as they are ready and waiting a half hour before the appointed time. It’s getting them out of the pool after an hour that proves to be a challenge. 




The children at Sarnelli House have been enjoying colouring in afternoons and learning English lessons. On the whole they are well behaved although when Boy, Heart and Ket are in the same enclosed room there is sure to be a few differences. As their attention span is about 3 minutes between the 3 of them the volunteers have to be flexible and adaptable to keep them mildly occupied and not destroying their surrounds or each other. So far all has gone well and the kids actually ask when their next lesson will be. Board games and drawing on the cement with chalk are also proving popular among the younger age group. The older kids have been out on their bikes cycling to the other houses, climbing the big tamarind trees to pick the sour tamarind fruit that is essential for Thai cooking, or scouring the ground for recently fallen mangoes.  

Other games that have been a great success is making the fastest living “mummy” in teams using toilet paper, and the egg and spoon race in high heels. A definite winner with the girls who were hysterical at watching the boys try to run let alone walk in the heels.

Living mummies

 There have been a number of farewell parties for the volunteers leaving, and the dancing from each house has seen quite a few new routines. The Sarnelli boys and girls danced a routine together and the House of Hope kids continue to wow the audience with their hula hoop skills. The Vienghuk girls with their matching costumes are a popular choice for best Thai dancing. There is also the party food which is a great incentive to putting on a good show.    

Egg and spoon race in heels

As Songkran or the Thai Water Festival fast approaches the kids thoughts turn to their families as this is a time when families reunite and spend time together. The Sarnelli family will be celebrating Songkran at Pi So Tong with 3 days of unbridled fun, food and water… bring on the super soakers! 

Kate Introna

April 11 2011