Back to school

Finally, after ten long weeks of swimming, badminton and football, bingo, uno and colouring in, water parks, water rafts and water throwing, train trips, ice cream cones and
dancing, the children returned to school for a new academic year. New uniforms were bought, names were sewed on shirts and shoes nicely polished.

Some kids were starting kindergarten or grade school but were well looked after by their older brothers and sisters. The house mothers, weary after the long holidays, waved goodbye as the big school trucks trundled out of the gates. The children were excited to go back to school. They missed their friends and some even like learning a little bit.

We are enormously grateful to our donors and sponsors for enabling us to give these children a good education. Considering where they started, it is inspiring that they can go to good schools, achieve regular milestones and some even thrive and get to go to university. Let's see how many of today's little ones can reach their potential. Education is no burden after all.

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