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 Christian Kids in USA and Muslim Kids in Oman Caring for Orphan Kids in Thailand


March 18, 2010

Dear Nazeem, Zakariya, and Iliyas:


Thank you for sharing more about your life (that was a very interesting story about your grandfather) and also sending in the donation for the orphans. If every kid did good deeds this world would be a much better place. This is what we are trying to do through Kids Caring For Kids. Our goal is to spread the word all over the world and get more kids to help the orphans.

I am 10 years old and my brother is 8. We are 2 years apart but people think we are twins because I am little like my mom and Nick is big like his dad. We have always lived in Katy Texas.

My grandfather (his name is Grumpy) has been very involved in helping the orphans over the years and has visited Sarnelli house on many occasions. As you know, my Uncle Benny helps support the orphans and travels there often too. So, helping these kids has become a family affair. We have given some of our allowance to a kid named "Art" for several years now. We hope to meet him one day.

Right now we are trying to hold a raffle in Katy to raise more money to send the orphans. We are hoping it will be a success.

Thanks again for your kindness because we know it will make the kids smile to know that other kids care so much. We hope to meet you one day.

Your friends,

Ally and Nick

March 20, 2010


Dear Nicolas and Allison,

We are so happy that we connected with you!  Thank you for making us a part of the Kids Caring for Kids Organization.  We really had fun making the website.

We think that helping others is important for us.  It makes us better people and a stronger family.  Our dad is Muslim and we pray with him. Our Mom was raised to believe in all faiths and we also pray with her.  Would you believe that?

There are 15 months between us.  I am older and my name is Nazeem. My name is a combination of Nadia and Saleem (these are my parents’ names).   I have two brothers,  Zakariya and Iliyas.  Their names are in the Quran and the Bible.  We have lived in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa and now, Muscat.

I remember for my 7th birthday, instead of getting presents, I asked for a donation to be made to the Red Cross.  This was the time that Hurricane Katrina happened.  Even today, we make donations in memory of my late Uncle and Grandfather.  Did you know that my uncle once gave 200 dollars to a waitress because her boyfriend was beating her.  My grandfather picked up a beggar from the street and brought him home, fed him, and gave him shelter.  The waitress and the beggar were complete strangers.  We keep our Uncle and Grandfather’s spirit alive when we make others happy through our giving.

So thank you again for including us.  Maybe you could tell us about yourselves.  We would like to make a 20 RO donation (about $50) to helping Sarnelli House.  We each took some money from our savings.

Take care,


Nazeem (Zakariya and Iliyas)


The Sheikh Brothers: Nazeem, Zak, and Lliyas volunteer to build the Kids Caring For Kids website.

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