Graduation 2013

Another year goes by and now  it’s the end of the school year this month in  Thailand. It’s graduation time at many of the schools the children from Sarnelli House attend. First off the rank on the 7th March at the Nongkhai College of Boat Building,Technical and Industrial College,  were 4 students from Sarnelli House graduating from M6 or Grade 12. Ton from St Patrick’s Boys Home and Palm from the Jan and Oscar House have graduated from Electrical studies, Tanee also from the from Jan and Oscar House has graduated from Computer studies,  and Jum from Nazareth House has graduated from Accounting. Palm and Tanee need to complete 2 more subjects at summer school this month for their final results to come through. Now they must all decide if they will go onto further studies to eventually attain their degree or if they will work for a while and gain experience first. With much thanks and gratitude to their sponsors who have supported them through their education to get them to this amazing place in their lives, we wish them well and hope they enjoy a good holiday before starting in on the next phase of their young lives.

On the 9th March, 1 week before school officially breaks up for the year at Rosario School, eight children from Sarnelli House were on graduation display. From the House of Hope:  NinNate, Bunny, Hippo and from Our Lady of Refuge Home for Girls May all graduated with flying colours from their 3 years of Kindergarten. Graduating from Grade 9 were Nook and Dtong from Our Lady of Refuge Home for Girls,  Top, Un and Choke from the Jan and Oscar House and Shane from St Patrick’s House.  Once again many thanks are due not only to the staff and donors of  Sarnelli House but to the children’s sponsors who have faithfully supported the children on their journeys.