Hula Hoop

The hula hoop craze has really taken hold in House of Hope. The little ones have been practicing for days to put on a show on Valentine’s Day at Sarnelli House. It seems that the smaller the child the more leverage they have to keep the hoop up and spinning on their non existent waists. Fah Mai and Ploei were among the stars. But the boys were not to be outdone with Apec always keeping a smile on his face as well as the hoop in motion. After the show the hoops were used in various ways - to delineate where the children should sit before eating their BBQ chicken and Som Tam and to loop over the body of an unsuspecting friend and drag them away to play.

  The Mango trees are beginning to blossom bringing with them the anticipation of eating delicious green and sour mangoes on hot summer days. The kids love them green and sour as they are perfect for making their favourite hot and spicy salad  - Som Tam and also for eating dipped in a combination of chilli and sugar. The start of belly aches and running to the toilet is just beginning.


Despite the fragile blossoms on the trees it doesn’t stop the kids also using the mango trees for climbing – getting away from the crowd and day dreaming or competing to see how high the boys can climb is an occupation the boys from St Patrick’s excel at.