Photos from over the years


Sarnelli House's YouTube Channel

To mark International Woman's Day 2023, a tribute to our mighty girls


Sarnelli House (2015)


Sarnelli House (2014)


Sarnelli House (2012) 
Made by Australian Redemptorist


I love Thailand: Fr. Mike Shea (2010)
(Thai TV program, Thai with English subtitles)


Videos by guests

Children at Sarnelli House (2019)


Songkran Water festival (2016)


Christmas Party (2012)


Holidays with Sarnelli kids (2012)


Swimming (2011)


The kids of Sarnelli House (2009)


Song "Children", by Sonny Castillo (2009)


Thank you to APO, Ole, Ben, Linsey and Catman for the videos


Who was Sarnelli?

By C.Ss.R