Samatha Hennessey says

I came here in October 2009 and also April 2010. Words can’t express what a wonderful experience both times have been, the first time I was so scared of what I had put myself up for, but I needn’t have worried.

All the people at Sarnelli House are genuinely lovely and make you feel at ease, I had tried to learn a bit of Thai before I came out but didn’t get too far… but the language doesn’t seem too much of a barrier with the staff or kids, even so I am determined to learn more for next time.

The children are amazing and are looked after so well.  I have learnt about their conditions and the treatments they are receiving and to see their improvement is a miracle. Father Shea, Kate and the staff make all this happen and I will try my best to help them by raising money every year.

Sam swimming to fundraise for Sarnelli House

The work of Sarnelli House doesn’t just reach the kids that stay here, there are many other people that benefit from the fantastic work. The Outreach Program which I have been on a couple of times, has helped numerous people living with HIV/AIDS with medication and also education.

This experience has changed me for life and I would like to thank Father Shea, Kate, P Da, the staff and of course all the children.

The children here capture your heart and stay with you forever, their courage is something that will forever amaze me.

Samantha Hennessey

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