Our child sponsorship programme has been in existence for over 15 years now and is hugely valuable to Sarnelli House and all of the children. Through it, hundreds of people around the world are able to contribute to the upkeep and education of the children living at Sarnelli House and also some of those on our Outreach program. 

For details on how to sponsor a child, please click here

As well as providing food, shelter and a good education to the children, the sponsorship program allows the child to feel loved and valued by someone somewhere in the world. This unique relationship is very important to the child and the children all love to know where their sponsors come from and what their lives are like. Each child has a laminated card with his or her sponsor’s name and location, featuring a map of the world with the sponsor’s country circled. All sponsors receive the quarterly Sarnelli House newsletter, as well as two letters or drawings from their child each year, a photo and an update on the child’s progress.

Depending on their age and stage of education, it can cost anything from 60,000 to 80,000 Thai Baht (THB) to feed, clothe, educate and shelter a child living at Sarnelli House for a year. And this does not include maintenance costs, the gasoline to get them to and from school or hospital appointments, electricity supply or water costs. For our university students living away, it can be up to 150,000 THB a year. These costs are rising as Thailand becomes more expensive. Sarnelli House is doing its best to reduce our food bills by growing our own rice, fruit and vegetables and raising pigs, chickens, ducks and fish. This has led to a drop of 30% in food expenses in recent years.

Maximum cost per child living at Sarnelli House
  THB US$ Euro GB£
per year 80,0002,4162.0711,829
per month 6,667201172152


Minimum cost per child living at Sarnelli House
  THB US$ Euro GB£
per year 60,0001,8121,5531,372
per month 5,000151129114

Sarnelli House asks sponsors to ideally contribute $40 per month (€35, £30). This would make a positive impact on our ability to continue to provide these services. But any help is appreciated. We realise that times are tough for many and not everybody can give the same. Because of the rising costs, some children may have more than one sponsor to further assist in covering their expenses. 

All sponsorship money which reaches Sarnelli House is spent on the children. Wages are managed from a separate fund. So a sponsor does not need to worry about waste or administrative costs. Every penny goes to the child and his or her upkeep.

The children are aware of the role a sponsor plays in giving them the opportunities they have. Sarnelli House is enormously grateful for and humbled by the support received from sponsors over the years.

For details on how to sponsor a child, please click here