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December 2021: Merry Christmas Folks!
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December 2019: A Blessed and Merry Christmas to all!
September 2019: Returning Home
June 2019: House of Hope and Volunteers
March 2019: Sponsors make all the difference
December 2018: A Blessed and Merry Christmas to All 
September 2018: New start for junior high school girls
June 2018: Growing Up Positive
March 2018: A Sudden Relocation
December 2017: A Blessed Christmas to all
September 2017: Working for their lives
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March 2017: Shining Star
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September 2014: Nazareth House

June 2014: The New School Year
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September 2013: St Patrick's Boys Home
June 2013: Building skills for the future
March 2013: Behind the Scenes
December 2012: Merry Christmas 2012!
September 2012: Jan and Oscar House (English Version) OR  (French Version)
June 2012: Reaching for the Stars
March 2012: Our Lady of Refuge Home for girls, Viengkhuk
September 2011: House of Hope 
June 2011: Keeping Children Healthy
March 2011: The Outreach Program
December 2010: Wishing You A Very Happy Christmas
October 2010: Kids Helping Themselves
June 2010: Providing an Education for all