Kids Caring for Kids

In 2007 Ally and Nick Carpenter of Katy Texas started sending part of their allowance to a kid named ‘Art’ at Sarnelli orphanage because he needed some help.  In the autumn of 2009 Ally joined a group called ‘Read, Deed, and Run’ which was organized by Mrs. Courtney Calfee, a teacher and program director of James Williams Elementary, who set a goal for their school children to perform 26 good deeds during the school year.  It was through this experience that Ally started talking to her brother Nick and they dreamed up the idea of helping as many kids at the orphanage as they possibly could.

Ally and Nick Carpenter with Mrs Courtney Calfee of James Williams Elementary School, Katy Texas

They kicked off a program they named ‘Kids Caring For Kids’ with a neighborhood fundraiser by selling key-chains that were handmade by the orphans. Three of their neighborhood friends volunteered to help them with their first fundraising effort.  Next, Mrs. Calfee and her group volunteered to sell wristbands to help the cause. It was a huge success.

Ally and Nick Carpenter with neighborhood friends selling crafts made by Sarnelli children

Ally and Nick continue to brainstorm for other ideas to help the orphans. Please feel free to share your ideas with them.

Deacon Reggie Bollich
January 2010

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