Father's Day 2015

Last weekend was the King of Thailand’s birthday, Dec 5, and Thai people celebrate Father’s Day at the same time. (The Queen’s birthday and Mother’s Day are celebrated similarly in August). Rosario School held a ceremony on Friday with prayers, dancing and speeches giving thanks to the schoolchildren’s fathers. Fr Chuck represented Sarnelli House and the girls of Viengkhuk and Jan & Oscar Houses showed him great love and gratitude for all he has done for them and the other children.

On Sunday, a party was held at the Joseph & Mary Hall for the children to pay respect to Fathers Shea, Chuck and Ole as well as other men who play an important role in their lives. It was a very emotional and upsetting time for many of the children as they remembered their absent or dead fathers. As well as the children of Sarnelli House are doing, and as vibrant and busy as they all are, it is important that we never forget what they have lost. The strength and resilience they continue to show despite their adversities remain an example to us all.