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Graduation 2010

On March 6th 2010, 10 children from Sarnelli House, in a ceremony at Rosario Witthayu School, graduated from Kindergarten and High School. The 6 who graduated from kindergarten were from 3 different houses. Apec, Goy and Jack live at House of Hop…

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The 10th Anniversary of Sarnelli House and the Opening of the Jan and Oscar Home

February 15th saw in Valentine’s Day at Sarnelli House, but more importantly it was the day to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Sarnelli House and the official opening of the Jan and Oscar Home for teenage boys.

These 2 events seem to procl…

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Reflection after a visit to Sarnelli House by Tracey Sauer

Man U and Tracey & gifts

         It is hard to put into words the profound impact that this visit to Sarnelli House has had on me.  There were so many emotions - happiness to see the joy of the children; gratitude for the amazing work that is bein…

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Kids Caring for Kids

In 2007 Ally and Nick Carpenter of Katy Texas started sending part of their allowance to a kid named ‘Art’ at Sarnelli orphanage because he needed some help.  In the autumn of 2009 Ally joined a group called ‘Read, Deed, and Run’ which was organize…

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David Jacob's sharing

Before heading to Thailand to volunteer at Sarnelli House many people asked me what the experience would be like. I usually responded by saying that I had no idea what to expect. While this response was partially true, I did have an idea of what I …

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Halloween Party 2009

Viw from Viengkhuk with her ice cream

Halloween was celebrated at Sarnelli House on the 31st October 2009 and was a scary success. The evening started with all the kids coming over to Sarnelli House for a meal. Shows were then put on by all the …

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The Outreach Program and the New Clinic

The New Clinic (pictured): The Outreach Program covers 5 provinces of the Northeast Thailand and sees approximately 100 families. It provides for the primary needs of families affected by HIV/AIDS by supplying medicines, food and money for educat…

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A Fairy Tale (Gan and Tha)

On Friday morning, September 18, Mrs. Gung from Sarnelli House received a strange phone call. A female voice inquired whether we had a girl named Gan living with us. (September 18, Gan celebrated her 13th birthday). Gung said yes, we did, and the…

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Tadum's story

After the ART 2004

Tadum is now 17 years old and the eldest of the kids living with HIV at Sarnelli House. Tadum’s parents are both dead, and she came to Sarnelli House when she was 9 years old in 2001 after being sold to a taxi driver, raped an…

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The Jan and Oscar Home for Teenage Boys

The Gang!

The Jan and Oscar Home for teenage boys living with HIV/AIDS is now open. 14 happy boys - Tanee, Net, Jay, Balm, Choke, Leew, KeeDee, Sahalat, Boy, Top, Beer, Auhn, Nong and Man moved from Sarnelli House and now are living it up in the…

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Graduation Day 2009

Boy, Gigi,Oum, Nut, Bee Fr Shea, Ahtit, Fah, Noon Nin, Boom, Tai and Ying

On 14th March 2009 at Rosario Vitthaya School in Viengkhuk, 2 children from Sarnelli House, 2 from St Patricks, 1 from House of Hope, 5 from Our Lady of Refuge Home for Gi…

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School Holidays at Sarnelli House (March 2009)

Stephanie and the runts

Activities for the month of March, the beginning of a 2 month break from school, has included English Lessons which the kids love, as they all want to be able to speak English. This was taught by Anya our German volunteer…

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Camping New Year Eve 2008

Breeo & Nuke & Joi-Joi

It is quite a challenge to lug 140 kids, about 40 staff, tents, clothes, enough fresh food and water for 2 days, twice a day medicine individually packaged for 60 kids and a massive sound and karaoke system to a dry old pa…

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Boy's story

Boy on arrival

Boy came to Sarnelli House is January 2008. He was 4 years old and looked like an old man. He comes from a poor family, his mother has AIDS and was sick and unable to care for any of her family. He has an older sister and she for …

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Spinning for Sarnelli House from the Netherlands

On Thursday, December 18, 2008, about one hundred pupils from Sint-Maartenscollege (Unit Technique), Maastricht, Netherlands will take part in a charity-spinning, they will be sponsored by their families, friends, acquaintances and companies. The…

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The King's Birthday Activities at Sarnelli House

December 5 of every year has special significance for the Thai people. It is the birthday of their much loved and revered King. Since the King is the Father of all the Thai, it is fitting that it be Thai Father's Day. (Mother's Day is celebrated …

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Outreach activities (July 2008)

Every last Saturday of the month all the families supported by the Outreach Program are invited to an activity day. Most of them make their way to Don Wai and to Fr Shea's house. For the month of July it was no exception. This time there were toy…

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St Patrick's (July 2008)

A generous gift of clothes and towels was given to the St Patrick's boys from Sandy and Rochelle and the CWA (Country Women's Association) Australia. The boys were most taken with their Spiderman PJs and the beautiful towels.

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Cebo Ride VIII (2008)

On Saturday, June 7, the eighth annual CEBORIDE took place! This year, Mike Krolczyk, Sam Mueller and all, changed the venue. They used to ride from Madison to Fond du Lac (WI), weaving their way along bike paths and country roads for 125 miles! …

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Marlos Story

At the moment I am backpacking around the world. After I finished my bachelor as a social worker in The Netherlands it was time to see and learn more about the world (not just Europe). While travelling I made a list of places I would love to go b…

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