October 2018 visitors

Laurence Pian, president of the Jan and Oscar Foundation (www.fondationjan-oscar.ch) in Switzerland, and her friend Veronique came for a quick visit. They were able to view their recently funded Outreach van and catch up with all the children – especially those living at Jan and Oscar House. It was great to see Laurence again.

Leon and Henriette Castermans from The Netherlands  (www.vriendenvansarnelli.nl) came for their twice yearly visit and checked on their projects funded through their foundation – Our Lady of Refuge Home for Girls being their biggest one this year. They also ensured the swimming pool was clean and in working order for the holidays. This always requires Leon’s expertise and Henriette’s hard work to have it fully operational before the onslaught of the children.  Movies, dinners out and a trip to the water park were also helped along by Leon and Henriettte. And their french fries are always a huge success. See you in March 2019!

Thor Vaassen from Australia, another loyal volunteer came for three weeks armed with art supplies. He met up with our old friend Wang Chamchoy and they provided art classes and lots of fun. Dinners out for groups of kids and a day at the water park were also funded by Thor. He was driver, volunteer and all round great guy. 
Another friend of Thor's, Leo from Taiwan caught up with the kids he sponsors and funded a night out for the farm boys in Nongkhai.

Debbie Willis from the UK volunteered again and the children were delighted to have her back. Cooking, shopping, bingo and motherly love were spread around. Trips out to Tesco and the movies were also sponsored by Debbie. She is much loved by all at Sarnelli House.

Marcia Meier from Germany came for a quick visit and the children were delighted to see their old friend. She slipped back into their lives like she had never left after her one year of volunteering many years ago. Marcia is like a big sister to many of the girls here and we were all sad to see her go.

Jaina and Amandine from Jan and Oscar Foundation in Switzerland came to volunteer for 4 weeks and  Sarah and Lina also from Jan and Oscar Foundation came to volunteer for 2 weeks. The girls were a great asset and participated in all the activities of the holidays with enthusiasm and fun. 

Sasha from Switzerland came for a month to volunteer. She taught English and learned some basket weaving skills herself. Sasha connected well with the teenagers and participated in all their acitivities.  

Emma, Isaac and Zac from Hawaii arrived for their first visit to share their knowledge of growing vanilla. We will hopefully see their expertise and knowledge again as we explore this possibility.

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