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Visitors from June to August 2022

We are finally receiving visitors again at Sarnelli House! And the children are delighted to have people come to see them and guests to play with. It has been a long time and the absence of friends and volunteers has been sorely felt.


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March 2020 Visitors

We had to say a sad and premature farewell to our two APO volunteers who had to leave Thailand early because of Covid 19.  Paul and Chrissy stayed for 5 months instead of their originally planned 8 months. They were well loved by all the kids and…

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February 2020 Visitors

Barbara and Rainer Rudl, and their son Benjamin, from APO in Germany came for the annual visit. They met old friends and new, and helped out with the children and staff. Barbara also led reflections for the APO volunteers, Paul and Chrissy. Thank…

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January 2020 Visitors

Bonnie and Amy Shea, relatives of Fr. Shea’s from the USA came to visit. Bonnie lent her considerable football (soccer) expertise to the children and ran training sessions and led games between the kids. She was enthusiastic and very talented and…

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December 2019 Visitors

Students from RIS school in Bangkok came for their annual two day visit,  after they had fundraised for Sarnelli House. Some of the students were here for their third visit. They went shopping and spent the money raised on underwear, sports equip…

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November 2019 Visitors

Our new volunteers from our friends at the APO Church in Oberhausen, Germany arrived. Welcome to Paul and Chrissy who will stay with us for eight months. We wish you a great time (and lots of luck) helping to care for the children.


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October 2019 Visitors

Leon and Henriette from Stichting Vreinden van Sarnelli in The Netherlands resumed their regular activities which included getting the pool in top shape for the season of swimming, making French fries for all the kids and teaching the girls to se…

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September 2019 Visitors

Angela and Karen from Sarnelli's Angels came to check on the handicrafts they will be selling in November in Singapore. The girls at Our Lady of Refuge House have done a great job making baskets and aprons for the fundraiser. We are very grateful…

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August 2019 Visitors

We would like to say a big thank you to the nine terrific volunteers from the Asociación para la Solidaridad, linked to The Redemptorist community in Spain. Led by Fr. Antonio, these eight young people, Blanca, Juan, Jorge, Rebeca, Maria, Paula, …

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July 2019 visitors

July had introductions to first time guests, reacquainting with returning friends and farewells to long term volunteers. 

Sarnelli’s Angels from Singapore and Bangkok came for their third trip and did a wonderful job continuing to paint a…

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June 2019 visitors

Jennifer, Claire and Madelyn from the USA, three generations of lovely women came to visit Sarnelli House. Jennifer previously worked for the Redemptorists in Denver so she was able to come and put a face to the famous Fr Mike. They helped out at…

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May 2019 visitors

George Axton-Miles, from the UK, returned to his second home. He has become very well loved by kids of all ages and is officially the new guardian of the play room rules. He even performed a farewell dance with the Nazareth girls and then with th…

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April 2019 visitors

Miranda Liu from China cane for her annual visit. She spent a lot of time with the babies at the House of Hope but most of all loved hanging out with the boy she has beens sponsoring for a number of years. They have developed a great friendship o…

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March 2019 visitors

Leon and Henriette Castermans from the Netherlands, co-founders of Stichting Vrienden van Sarnelli, came for their bi annual visit. They made their now famous french fries for all of the kids and Henriette and another volunteer taught the girls at Ou…

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February 2019 visitors

Barbara and Chrissy from APO in Germany arrived first, followed by Rainer and Benjamin. It was great to welcome them all back again and to have Chrissy here for her first time. Barbara, Rainer and Benjamin Rudl have been visiting Sarnelli House for a…

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January 2019 visitors

Sarnelli Angels came for their second week of hard work - painting and decorating two rooms at House of Hope as well as donating many, many toys and clothes for the children. The ladies also ordered lots of colourful baskets made by the high scho…

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December 2018 visitors

Sarnelli House received many great friends and supporters over the Christmas period. Some were here for the first time and others are regular guests. We were happy to welcome them all!

George Axton-Miles and his family – mother Karen, his …

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November 2018 visitors

Old friends of Sarnelli House, Dirk and Petra Bröstler and Annika Kruppa all from APO in Germany came to visit for ten days. They threw a great hot dog party for the kids and bought much needed white goods for the houses. They spent time with eve…

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October 2018 visitors

Laurence Pian, president of the Jan and Oscar Foundation (www.fondationjan-oscar.ch) in Switzerland, and her friend Veronique came for a quick visit. They were able to view their recently funded Outreach van and catch up with all the children – espec…

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September 2018 visitors

Juliette Delcambre from France came to volunteer at House of Hope for a month. She was a great addition to the team and gave a lot of time to the children. We were all sad to see her go.

Four Redemptorist Seminarians from the USA came for…

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