March 2019 visitors

Leon and Henriette Castermans from the Netherlands, co-founders of Stichting Vrienden van Sarnelli, came for their bi annual visit. They made their now famous french fries for all of the kids and Henriette and another volunteer taught the girls at Our Lady of refuge how to make pancakes. Leon worked tirelessly at keeping the pool clean and the filter problem free. Colouring in a specially designed sheet for all the kids at once was also great fun – thank you both for everything. 

Debbie Willis, from the UK, visited again and made some new recipes for the girls to cook, ran the hugely popular game of bingo, treated the kids to a day at the water park, as well as to some Tesco visits and was like a fairy godmother to them all.

Carmen Wijnant, from The Netherlands, came for her first time to volunteer at Sarnelli House. She has brought great ideas, including a boot camp for the little ones. Carmen is also a fine baker and English teacher and she threw herself into the Songkran celebrations with great gusto. 

Rebecca Robyns from Eye See Me UK visited again during her busy schedule, to see her sponsored girl and to help out with photographing for Sarnelli House. She and her foundation are hoping to put on an exhibition in Bangkok this year, featuring the photographic work of some of our kids.

Angelique and Ben Ummels, also from Stichting Vrienden van Sarnelli, arrived for their three month visit. They were accompanied by Angelique’s mother and sister, Tinni and Evelyn, who were here for their first visit. Angelique and Ben are long time visitors and everyone is very happy to see them again.

Mick and TJ O’Connor, from Wisconsin, came to see their cousin, Fr Mike, and while they were here, put in some days work making shelves for the play room at House of Hope, did fine work in the bathrooms at Jan & Oscar and generally kept everyone amused. Mick also made some hand puppets!

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