December 2018 visitors

Sarnelli House received many great friends and supporters over the Christmas period. Some were here for the first time and others are regular guests. We were happy to welcome them all!

George Axton-Miles and his family – mother Karen, his brother Oliver and his partner and his sister and her partner came to spend Christmas at Sarnelli House.  They threw themselves into all the activities and we look forward to future visits from them all. We would also like to wish George well in his university life.

Michiel from The Netherlands came again for his third visit to Sarnelli House. He also was welcomed back by all the kids and enjoyed reconnecting with them like a part of the family.

Ruamrudee International School (RIS) in Bangkok arrived for their annual visit with eight students, Ms. Shirley and Fr. Davidjiang. They shopped for goods for the kids with the money they raised at school and also set up a small library at Jan and Oscar House. Thanks for all at RIS for their support. (see website story)

Relatives of two of our current volunteers, Hannah and  Laura, came to spend Christmas with them and see some of Thailand. Hannah’s father and brother and Laura’s parents Michaela and Christian and sister Mailin came to visit. We were also thrilled to have see good friend from APO Petra, who came with her partner, Stefan. They enjoyed spending Christmas with the children and the staff. 

Ben and Angelique from The Netherlands made a flying Christmas visit – and the children and staff look forward to a longer time with them in March for the school holidays. 

Armand and Jaina from Switzerland came for their second visit to Sarnelli House and were given a great welcome back. 

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