April 2019 visitors

Miranda Liu from China cane for her annual visit. She spent a lot of time with the babies at the House of Hope but most of all loved hanging out with the boy she has beens sponsoring for a number of years. They have developed a great friendship over this time and this year, Miranda took him and his friends out for a day trip and studied some Thai as well. We are always thrilled to see Miranda as she is such a lovely woman and we look forward to her next visit.

Emelie Berg came from Sweden for her first visit to Sarnelli House. Emelie was following in the foot steps of her cousin who spent a month here a few years ago. Emelie brought a lovely gentle and laid back approach to all her activities. She loved the nursery, helped to supervise the daily play room schedule, and taught English to the girls at Our Lady of Refuge, as well as swimming with the little boys of St. Patrick's and the girls at Jan & Oscar. Hurry back, Emelie!

Shay and Sharon Farrelly, from Dublin in Ireland, and friends of staff member Brian, came for their third visit. They spent time at the houses in Pai Si Tong and took the two girls they sponsor into Nong Khai for dinner and some shopping. It was great to have them here.

Thor Vaassen, from Australia, and his new Thai girlfriend Nan, came to visit for a couple of weeks. They spent most of their time at Our Lady of Refuge, teaching the girls how to sew. They also played with the children at Songkran and took various groups of kids out for lunch and ice cream. Thanks for everything!

Leo Wu, a regular visitor from Singapore, came to see the kids again. he took some of the teenagers out for food and ice cream in Nong Khai and was a big hit with children and staff alike. He also spent some time with the children he sponsors. It was good to see him again.

Natalie Loomis, from Louisiana, came for her first visit to Sarnelli House. Natalie had been teaching in Chiang Mai for six months and came to see us on her way home. She is a cousin of a long time friend of Sarnelli House, Deacon Reggie Bollich, and it was great to have her here. She was happy to do anything and taught English, swam with the girls and played with the little ones. Thanks for your energy Natalie!

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