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June 2024 Update

Here, at Sarnelli, the latest news is that the new school year has begun, and every morning our school trucks and vans ferry the kids to school, as the staff can relax a bit, after a long two-month school vacation. It is hard to witness anything so p…

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March 2024 Update

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 

I suppose our friends in the cold and snowy areas are, for the most part, happy to see spring looming up on the horizon! I still remember my seminary days, when I had the job of getting up early to plow snow on the sem…

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February 2024 Update


After our first Christmas and New Year celebrations since Covid, cold weather moved in. We have been dealing with cold, rainy weather, and the kids are showing flu like symptoms. We call these rains “Mak Muang Rains”, but …

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January 2024 Update

Happy New Year!

We just picked up two babies last week, but I haven’t met them yet because I have caught Covid again. I have a mild case thankfully, just a bad cough. No fever, headache, or sore throat. Not like the case I had last year, that basi…

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December 2023 Update


We only had one guy here to celebrate Thanksgiving this year. Me. The only American, so no Thanksgiving. So we will all celebrate Christmas, together with the kids and staff. The kids are all busy crafting the Nativity scenes at e…

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November 2023 Update

Happy turkey day!

For our American friends, Thanksgiving day is looming! For the rest of us, at least, every day is a day to thank the Good Lord for life and happiness. This is certainly the case for our children in Sarnelli House. They come tenta…

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October 2023 Update

Hello everybody!

We have reached October in what feels like record time. Maybe it is because I am wheelchair bound. My Mother, near her end, used to complain about how slowly time went. But I think we hit October awful fast this year.

We had a …

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September 2023 Update

Hello, everybody!

It seems like everyone, even up to now, has been hit by some terribly hot weather in their areas of this world. Here, we have that same hot weather, accompanied by lots of rain, and our rice paddies have plenty of water and are n…

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August 2023 Update

Hello to all!

This year is a big year for the Redemptorists in Thailand. We are celebrating 75 years of the arrival of four Redemptorist missionaries. Three of them were still active and working at various positions when I arrived, and I was lucky…

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July 2023 Update

July, 2023

Dear all,     

Sorry again for being so late with our monthly newsletter. But in the last couple days, we’ve had a bad storm that took down trees in the narrow road leading to my house, and our power and internet went with them. G…

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June 2023 Update


The June news is late this year, since I wrote the letter with my secretary Jeep but it somehow got mislaid, so we are starting all over. Being better late than never isn’t really true with this new version, but I shall do what I can!

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May 2023 Update


May has arrived and the weather remains very hot for the children and staff. Thankfully, our kids have access to a swimming pool, built over a decade ago thanks to a kind donor from the US. Our volunteers oversee the little o…

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April 2023 Update


Happy Easter to all our donors and friends around the world. Our children are off school for the holidays and will participate in some of the Holy Week activities. We will have our regular Saturday mass with Fr. James and a donor fro…

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March 2023 Update


Ever since the arrival of Covid three years ago, we were not able to have the pleasure of having guests, or the blessings from the work of volunteers. All that has changed as we now have four German youths, two boys and…

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February 2023 Update


    57 years ago on February 2, I arrived in Thailand. I came in via Japan, in a black suit and a big overcoat. It had been cold in Japan, but when I deplaned in Bangkok, the temperature on the tarmac was about 110 degree…

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January 2023 Update


    We finally had a healthy Christmas/New Year with the children, as during this time, there was no flu or Covid to put any of us in isolation.  We have many new kids who hadn’t known about Christmas and never expected gifts. Many…

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