Early Childhood Development Volunteers

Thanks to our great volunteers from France who came to do their 10 week internship at House of Hope this year. This was the first time we had a contracted agreement to take students studying an early childhood degree come to Sarnelli House for their 2nd year internship. Manon, Manon and Julie arrived with their goals and objectives from their institute in March. They had to develop projects for the children to assist in their development, implement  them and write them up. The girls arrived young and fresh from their non stop journey to Thailand. The first week they settled into Charlene House and learnt about the different houses and projects of Sarnelli House and met the children. They adapted very well to the new tastes, language and temperature and were soon cycling every day to work at House of Hope where  13 small children live. They witnessed the arrival of new babies and toddlers to House of Hope as well as the departure of one small girl going back to live with her family. The girls soon began to make relationships with the staff who were concerned that they would tire easily spending  6 hours a day with demanding toddlers and babies. The girls however thrived and enjoyed their experience. They completed their projects for their internship and these included observing and analyzing  the cultural differences in communication between the staff and children, making activities in music and  co ordination with the toddlers. One of the girls made a sensory blanket for the babies to feel different textures as they rolled around on it.  They encouraged the children to play with building blocks and balls, to count and share with each other.  After a few weeks living at Charlene House the girls  moved over to live at St Patrick’s Home for boys which is on the doorstep of House of Hope . They were greeted each morning at 0600 with the excited squeals of the little boys who loved having them stay in their house. They joined in eating meals with the boys and learning about their lives, and continued with their work at House of Hope. Despite the language difficulties the girls were able to communicate and developed lovely relationships with the children. They explored the region on their days off and were independent and always polite. It was sad to say goodbye but they promise to come back and visit. Thank you girls for your dedication, sense of adventure and fun. (June 4, 2017)


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