December farm update

Work continues on the farm, with the hay now baled for the cattle herd and the new land on the 12 rai plot being cleared to create fruit gardens. The older boys show the younger teenagers how to clear and fertilise the land, just as they were shown by the farm staff. 

The boys’ cottages are finally complete and two young men have moved in already with a view to helping to manage the new fruit gardens. Fr. Shea will be living nearby to monitor their work.  They two lads are very excited to have been chosen to take this responsibility and it is a result of all the work our farm and house staff have put into these boys that they are deemed ready for this next step. We hope that the fruit gardens will be healthy and bountiful! Fish ponds have been stocked with thousands of little fishlings and we wait for them to grow plump and ready for our children's plates.


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