October 2017 visitors

Leon and Henriette Castermans from Vrienden van Sarnelli The Netherlands came for their biannual visit and worked on the getting the pool in top shape for the holidays, taking the children on outings and fitting back into the Sarnelli Family. They also kept an eye on their sponsored project at 12 rai which is almost complete.


Michiel Nieuwenhuijis from Oman came to volunteer before starting university in The Netherlands. He played sport, helped with the mural painting, took trips to the cinema and Tesco and taught English and guitar. We wish him every success for starting university.


Zamika Grant and her family from Australia came for their first volunteering visit to Sarnelli House and loved it. They threw themselves into all the activities and made great friends with the children.


Sharon and Shay Farrelly from Ireland came to visit their sponsored children and their friends at Sarnelli House before heading off to Vietnam.


Julie El Kattan and her mother, Christine, from France came back to visit after Julie had spent her internship at House of Hope and left in May. She was delighted to introduce her mother to all the children who were all very happy to see Julie again.


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