May 2017 Visitors

Saskia Geesmann from Germany  came for her second visit after a lapse of 4 years. She was remembered and welcomed back into the Sarnelli family. Great to see you again Saskia!

Reggie Bollich from Louisiana,president of Family Thais Outreach of Acadiana who are regular supporters and founders of Charlene House at Sarnelli House came to visit with his friend Celso Bitdinger. It was great to have Reggie back and to meet Celso.

Ben and Angelique from Stichting Vrienden van Sarnelli  (www.vriendenvansarnelli.nl) The Netherlands left this month after their regular 3 month stay. They were involved with all the activities throughout the holidays, developed a new exercise activity for the teenagers combining yoga and martial arts and assisted with the rehabilitation of one of the boys after an accident. They also are a great support for the staff and are well loved by the children. 

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