April 2016 visitors

Adeline Qiu, Amelie Plancque, Caroline Wassmer, Julia Shao & Lea Leclercq

Five girls came from Lille in France to spend a month at Sarnelli House and brought enthusiasm, laughter and youthful energy with them. They threw themselves into every aspect of daily life here, swimming with the girls, playing football with the boys and entertaining just about everyone. They treated each house to a dessert of French crêpes served with Nutella and the children lined up for seconds. The girls made a special connection with the boys of Sarnelli House and there were many tears when it was time to go home. We loved having the girls here, wish them well in their future studies and hope to see them again soon.

Daniel Cross

Daniel travelled from Sydney in Australia to visit his aunt, our nurse Kate Introna and to spend time with the children he first met at Kate’s wedding last November. Daniel came just in time for Songkran and had three days of enormous fun playing water games with the children. He also taught guitar to the girls at Veingkhuk, went swimming with the boys and joined in the regular goings on at Sarnell House. 

Coleen, Byron & Stan

Coleen Noble, her husband Byron and their friend Stan from Canada came for short visit to Sarnelli House. Coleen and Byron has been here many times before and it’s always great to see them. They sponsor Dottie at Jan & Oscar House and took her and two friends out for a meal by the Mekong River, followed by shopping for clothes, shoes and cosmetics at Tesco Lotus. They also came with gifts for the children as well as some useful products for Outreach.

Jana Wübbels

Jana comes from Germany and was on her way home from a year working in Australia. She stopped off for a few days to visit her friend Marcia Meier who is here for three months. They, and long term volunteer Anja Morzuch, formed a formidable German team for Songkran and took on all-comers. Jana seemed to be moved by what she saw here and is keen to visit again.

Clara Luisa Olk

Clara came from Germany with her friend Marcia Meier and brought a gentle assurance to the crazy proceedings. Clara spent a few weeks living with the girls at Viengkhuk and was a big hit there, being christened Poppy by her new housemates. She was here for Songkran as well and cast her quiet manner aside as she soaked all and sundry.

Richard, Ryan and Bee

Richard Joe is a well known musician from Bangkok and helps to run the Liferevo charity. He came for a short visit, along with his friends Ryan and Bee. They had a great morning at Viengkhuk singing and playing guitar and then held a big party in the hall, with an art session dedicated to the children expressing their hopes through their drawings. They also brought lots of clothes and toys for the children.

Goldie and Reed

Goldie and Reed, from the USA, are travelling around SE Asia and stopped in Nong Khai for a week to spend time with the children. Goldie had the kids rapt with her yoga lessons and Reed wowed them with his beat boxing, guitar playing and also with sampling on his iPad. They both took swimming sessions and played football as well. The children loved having them around and it was great to see them introduced to different creative outlets.

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