September 2023 Update

Hello, everybody!

It seems like everyone, even up to now, has been hit by some terribly hot weather in their areas of this world. Here, we have that same hot weather, accompanied by lots of rain, and our rice paddies have plenty of water and are n…

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An exciting visit from Spain

The children received a giant splash of colour and excitement into their lives last month with the arrival of six Spanish women for a two week stay. Three of the girls came from Asociación para la Solidaridad, while the others worked with Atresmedia and arrived as part of their Corporate Social …

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Kids with disabilities and the Snoozle room

Sarnelli House currently has four severely disabled children under its care. All four live at the House of Hope nursery. The children are three girls and a boy and are aged 13, 4, 3 and 2. The oldest girl is Mina and she was born with HIV. As a result, she developed a brain infection in her firs…

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April & May visitors

The children were all delighted with a surprise visit by…

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March visitors

Our old friends Leon and Henriette Castermans, from Stic…

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