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September 2018 visitors

Juliette Delcambre from France came to volunteer at House of Hope for a month. She was a great addition to the team and gave a lot of time to the children. We were all sad to see her go.

Four Redemptorist Seminarians from the USA came for…

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August 2018 visitors

Michael O' Connor from Wisconsin, a cousin of Fr. Mike's, returned from the USA with Fr. Mike and stayed for a few weeks to entertain the troops in the office and beyond. Michael's visits are always great fun and we look forward to his next trip.…

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July 2018 visitors

Reggie and Dottie Bollich from Lafayette are long time friends and supporters of Sarnelli House. They  bought their family and friends for a visit this month in July. Reggie and Dottie and their church back home fundraised to build Charlene House…

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May & June 2018 visitors

Léa Leclercq from France came for her second visit after being here in 2016 with her classmates for a month.  She was warmly welcomed back and enjoyed getting to know all the children again.

Sam and Laura, second year medical studen…

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April 2018 visitors

Wang Chamchoy from Chiang Mai and his colleagues from Thai Bev came for a week to teach sewing, art and cooking. They were a great success and the children learnt new skills and had their big brother Wang back with them. Wang is very special …

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March 2018 visitors

Angelique and Ben Ummels from The Netherlands (www.vriendenvansarnelli.nl) are here for their annual three month visit. Always a pleasure for everyone to welcome them back to their Thai family. 

Leon and Henriette Castermans from The Neth…

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February 2018 visitors

From APO in Oberhausen, Germany long time friends and supporters, Barbara and Rainer Rudl came again this year. They bought with them Jean Luc and Alia also from APO who spent a month with the children. Always great to welcome our friends back ag…

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January 2018 visitors

Happy New Year and welcome to…
Ms. Rebecca Robyns founder of EYEseeme project in the UK. 
Mr. and Mrs. Schulz from Germany came to visit their daughter Anke, who is volunteering at Sarnelli House for 10 months. 
Frances Chung and her fathe…

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December 2017 visitors

A happy December and Christmas was had by all. Many thanks to all our donors, sponsors  and benefactors for all their well wishes and generous donations for the kids. Thank you to all who made Christmas so special for our children…
From The N…

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November 2017 visitors

It was sad to say farewell to Br. Wing from the Philippines who spent six months at Sarnelli House learning English and bringing his artistic skills, his cooking skills, his medical skills and his compassion and humour to all the children and…

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October 2017 visitors

Leon and Henriette Castermans from Vrienden van Sarnelli The Netherlands came for their biannual visit and worked on the getting the pool in top shape for the holidays, taking the children on outings and fitting back into the Sarnelli Family. Th…

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September 2017 visitors

Debbie Willis, from the UK, a loyal and generous friend and volunteer, came again laden with gifts for the kids and brightened the school holidays by sponsoring trips to the cinema and the aquarium for the children. Debbie is a great friend of Sa…

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August 2017 visitors

Josie from the USA came for her first visit to Sarnelli House after hearing for years about Fr Mike’s work from her grandfather, a cousin of Fr Mike’s. Thanks for all sports shirts for the children  and for spending time and getting to know them …

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July 2017 Visitors

Rebecca Robyns from the UK, Founder and Photographer of EyeSeeMe (www.eyeseemeproject.com),  ex husband Malcolm and son Harry visited. They sponsored lunch for the kids along with activities and sports for the day. EyeSeeMe also generou…

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June 2017 Visitors

Coline and Leonore from Switzerland came to Sarnelli House for a 6 week internship for their second year of nursing. They were a great help in the weekly clinic and making hospital visits and on the Outreach Program as well as getting i…

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May 2017 Visitors

Saskia Geesmann from Germany  came for her second visit after a lapse of 4 years. She was remembered and welcomed back into the Sarnelli family. Great to see you again Saskia!

Reggie Bollich from Louisiana,president of Family …

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March 2017 Visitors

Hans and Natacha from Belgium who previously lived at Sarnelli House came for a visit almost 10 years after they left. It was a joyful reunion for all and the children enjoyed reconnecting.

Emmy from The Netherlands arrived for 2 mon…

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April 2017 Visitors

Sian and Kevin from the UK who were recently married and whose  wedding guests donated to Sarnelli House in lieu of gifts arrived in their newly married state and spent a great Songkran with the kids.

Miranda from China came again…

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February 2017 Visitors

Regular visitors Tommy Kelly and Jai came from Ireland and bought with them donations for the Outreach Program. Many thanks!

Anabel from Germany came for her first visit and was a great help in the office and at House of Hope. Hope to se…

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January 2017 Visitors

Fr Seamus Enright a Redemptorist  priest from Limerick Ireland, came for his third visit. He goes back home with ideas to continue his generous fundraising for Sarnelli House. Thank you Fr Seamus

Bev and Gary Watson from South Africa made a…

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