Visitors from June to August 2022

We are finally receiving visitors again at Sarnelli House! And the children are delighted to have people come to see them and guests to play with. It has been a long time and the absence of friends and volunteers has been sorely felt.


Tom from Germany came for a quick stay to visit his sister Sina, who was volunteering at Sarnelli House. He bought lots of energy and company to his sister as well.

Angelique and Ben Ummels left after 6 months at Sarnelli House where they did great work with the disabled children, and generally helped with whatever was going on, particularly with the maintenance team repairing old equipment.


Two young men from the Redemptorist School in Bonn Germany, who had been volunteering at the Fr Ray Foundation in Pattaya, came for a visit before returning home after almost a year in Thailand. Kimi and Max were great value and gave their all to the kids. Good luck with your future studies guys. 

Laura, the big sister of one of Malin, one of our volunteers who left in July, came to visit again from Germany. She had volunteered at Sarnelli House in 2019 and was warmly remembered and welcomed back.

Br. Tony and Fr. Jay also from the USA came for a quick visit and enjoyed their time at Sarnelli House.


Anja Morzuch, a previous volunteer from 2015, and her husband Julian Simons, both from Germany, visited in August and Anja received the warmest of welcomes. It was also wonderful to meet Julian. They reconnected with staff and children alike and we hope to see them again! 

Crystelle and Tom and their two children came from The Netherlands, after hearing about Sarnelli House for many years from Crystelle’s parents Henriette and Leon Castermans, who are directors of  Stichting Vrienden Van Sarnelli. They had a great time and saw what great support their parent’s foundation has made to the children’s lives at Sarnelli House 





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