Recent visitors

We continue to receive lovely visitors to play with the children at Sarnelli House. They are of great use during the school holidays as many hands are needed to keep the children busy. Some of the visitors came for the first time, others are old friends and know the place well.

Anne O’Riordan, Brian's mother, from Cork in Ireland came for her fourth visit. She met up with children she remembered and shared the love at House of Hope and with the little children at Jan and Oscar and St Patrick’s House. It was lovely having her here as it kept Brian on his very best behaviour! 

We also had a visit from Brian's first cousin. Rosaleen Crowley lives in Paris and made her first trip to Sarnelli as part of a great journey around Thailand. She spent over two weeks here and took part in everything with the kids and the Outreach team. She also spent time catching up with her Irish cousin.

The school holidays wouldn't be the same for the kids without a visit from Debbie Willis from the UK. Debbie travels over twice every year and gives generously of herself to the children. She treated the kids to cinema trips, bingo games, swimming supervision and trips to the shops. Debbie is a much-loved figure here and the children get a great kick from her games and activities.

Wiebke Wollberg spent eight months here as a volunteer five years ago, so it was wonderful to see her again. She has completed university now and spent three weeks playing with the children during the holidays. Wiebke showed her typical intelligence and empathy with the kids and those who remembered her were delighted to see her again.

Max from Germany is a former volunteer from RVM at the Fr Ray Foundation in Pattaya and he came for a short visit with his girlfriend Lara. They were great fun and threw themselves into the kids’ activities. 

Hannah and Patrick from Germany volunteered for a week on their Asian travels and were great fun. We hope to see them again. 

Sina from Germany made a quick visit between her 12 month volunteering stay in Indonesia with RVM. She was visiting her friends Benedikt and Lisa and they were thrilled to see her.

Lissie from Germany came to visit her friend Lisa, one of our long-term volunteers, for a short visit and helped out with the kids as well.


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