May 2019 visitors

George Axton-Miles, from the UK, returned to his second home. He has become very well loved by kids of all ages and is officially the new guardian of the play room rules. He even performed a farewell dance with the Nazareth girls and then with the Sarnelli House boys and then with the Jan and Oscar girls. Good luck in your studies George. If they don’t go well, there is always dancing to fall back on!

Talia from the USA came for her first visit to Sarnelli House and threw herself into the activities with all of the kids, participating with great curiosity and enthusiasm. Enjoy the rest of your travels!

Jean Marc and Celine from France came to see the kids for a day bearing snacks and gifts for the children. Merci beaucoup! 

Austin from the USA came for a short visit and engaged with everything, having a very positive time. We hope to see him again. 


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