April 2022 Update


Thailand celebrates three New Years every year. January 1, April 13-15, the Thai New Year, and sometime early February, Chinese New Year. Thai New Year consists of a lot of feasting and drinking, with the throwing of water (and throwing up from excessive drinking). Because of Covid, the government is threatening to forbid the water games, and even the selling of spirits might be strictly curtailed. But this is the third year, and most people have been vaccinated, and even if they later catch Covid, they don’t get too sick.

    A while back, a generous sponsor gave us money for building, repairs and upkeep. I have two guys working here who are older, married men and have talents in mechanics and electricity. I decided to have them divide the older boys into two crews, train and pay the boys for the work. It all started out nicely for both crews. The boys were very enthusiastic, knowing they would be getting paid and they would have something to do during the two month school break. Then, after about a week, Covid struck. Both crews wound up in quarantine. The Covid field hospital is full of unvaxxed folks so the infected are quarantined here, and get medicine from the town clinics.

    Two of our cooks got sick and infected their families. They wanted to come back to work on April 2, but both are still coughing, and haven’t been tested. So, I told them to contact me after New Year, April 16 or so, and we will decide then and test them. I have been quarantined 4 times so far, and don’t want another stint locked up. In the meantime, we have several girls from Nazareth house coming to cook and clean the priests’ house, and the guest house, named the Charlene Richard House.

    Many of our older girls have gone home. Either their AIDS symptoms are been taken care of, or issues at home have been resolved, they prefer to leave and study in high school outside. I think it is better they do that, instead of staying here and figuring out ways to sneak out at night and meet young men. Most of the girls and all of the boys are staying here, and seem content. Usually, during the long school break, kids go camping, swimming at Water World and other jaunts to movies or the mall, but this is the third year that trips like this are difficult or impossible.   

    We now have two German girls from the Lutheran Church in Oberhausen, Germany, staying and working with us for maybe 6 months. They are great workers, dealing with little boys and girls, and by noon, they are exhausted! We also have Ben and Angelique from Holland, working with our disabled kids and even villagers suffering from strokes, etc. The will be here for 6 months as well. It is good to see fresh faces, after two years of seeing none!

    I hope and pray that all our friends and donors are safe and healthy! God bless you all!

Father Mike and staff

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