August 2021 Update

Friends of Sarnelli!

    Thank you so much for your donations for the children here at Sarnelli House. Donations from people here in Thailand are way down, and good Buddhist folks can’t come to make merit by feeding the multitude of runts we have, thanks to Covid, especially the Delta variant. Since hardly anyone has been vaccinated here (The central government forced health authorities to send all vaccines back to Bangkok to vaccinate the people down there) we have closed up all the houses to guests. I myself have not been vaxxed, but some of the staff have, including Brother Geng, Father James, Brian O’Riordan and Kate Introna. So, we are deeply grateful for you and people like you, that help keep the Great Unwashed fed and watered.

    All the rain that has come this way suddenly shifts routes and heads north to drown the Chinese, while our rice fields are dry, in what should be the height of the monsoon season. Weather patterns are messed up worldwide. And, in the age of Covid, the price of food and especially rice and meat, eggs, and fish has risen dramatically. We still have rice from last year, and our own veggies and fish. Our chickens were decimated by a band of dogs that killed them after a kid left the door of the chicken coop open. The kids who work in the garden are raising frogs now, and just extended the frog farm. I told them to carry machetes and keep the grass down, because those frogs are going to bring snakes of every type. And no tip toeing through the tulips after dark!    

    One of our girls took off with a boy last year, and now is 8 months pregnant. They have virtually nothing, and asked our head lady Mrs. Gung if we would take the baby after birth, and they would claim the baby after they seek their fame and fortune. They want to go job hunting in Bangkok, which is the epicenter of the Covid virus. I agreed to take the baby, but asked Gung just how many couples who gave us babies temporarily, ever came back to reclaim them? The answer is zero. 

    Again, thank you, and may the Good Lord protect you and yours from all ills. Please stay safe and healthy!
Father Mike

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