January 2020 Update


              We had a nice Christmas. We had 18 volunteers and guests at dinner the evening of December 25 at Charlene Richard House. I bought a turkey at a supermarket in Udorn. A girl who works there cooks the bird, and makes stuffing and gravy. It was very well done. Three ladies from Pattaya came for Christmas and paid for Christmas dinner for the kids. They gave the kids a choice, and the runts opted for pizza! So they had pizza, pop, cake and ice cream. Then the kids went camping in various places. They had their own pup tents, plenty of food, and karaoke. They kept two villages awake until nearly dawn for three days. Needless to say, not many have appeared from their tents in the bright light of day. The kids got lots of presents from Thai people who visited. Items like rice, cooking oil, cleaning soap, candy, dried food all help keep the wolf away from the door. Other people brought toys and clothes. Our babies got lots of attention from people.

              Our two girls who got pregnant came back to us, and delivered baby girls. Both girls are in school now. One is studying hotel work, and the other is taking a beautician course for three months. They wanted their babies baptized and adopted by Sarnelli House. Two other girls who returned after a rough start will continue studying in May, so I have them helping as housemothers.

              Our vegetable garden is feeding the kids and workers. We will stop planting during the hot season since the gardens don’t have protection from the fierce sun, and the water is usually in short supply before the rains come. We hope to have a good rice harvest this year, but the pundits say we will be in drought like last year. It has not rained for three months now. The water table is low from lack of rain.

              This month will see the return of Kate and Brian. Brian had to leave Thailand and return to Ireland and start over with his visa request. Brian writes projects and is our main fund raiser. Kate, his wife, is Australian, and returned to Sydney to be with her mother. The fires are about 2 miles from her mother’s house, but the smoke is a killer.

              I hope you all had a happy and blessed Christmas, and may the good Lord bless you with good health, happiness and peace.

Father Mike 

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