March 2019 Update

Another school year has passed, with two little lads graduating from kindergarten; 14 boys and girls from B.6 (end of grade school); 8 graduated from M.3 (end of junior high), with two girls graduating from senior high, and six girls graduated from various vocational schools. Now we wait to see who goes on to the University; who goes to college and, later on, who graduates from College. Brother Keng and Brian O’Riordan from Cork, Ireland, Fr. Ole and Ms. Dtim interview the kids and help them choose the schools of their choice, and help them find a safe boarding house. I wind up sadly watching the little people we took in who were so lonely, hurt and desolate, grow into confident young folks who excitedly prepare for their future. We just sent three girls who are finishing vocational school, to Pattaya and Bangkok in the south for one year’s work experience; a tad like apprenticeship. In my old age, I worry about them being too trusting and naïve, but they impatiently assure me that they are now grown and have the common sense to look out for themselves!

The kids are looking forward to a camping trip in the Dan Sai mountains. Then comes special classes in Thai, Math and English, followed by summer school at Rosario school for our underachievers. Thai New Year is a five day celebration of water throwing. And special snacks. Right now we have three German girls plus one American girl to help herd the smaller runts. They will be joined by a woman from England and another girl from Holland. Later, a group of youth under the aegis of the Redemptorists in Spain, will be here to experience helping keep the kids active and happy. We hope the Spaniards have some young soccer players to help coach our team. The boys are older and winning games after once being the smallest team on the pitch. They could use help in ironing out some gaffes in their method of attack and defense.

In past letters, I mentioned some of our young lads who went out to seek their fame and fortune and came back, used, beaten and unpaid. One boy was forced to deliver dope to different parts of the city. He was lucky he didn’t get caught. None of these six boys and three girls are the sharpest tacks in the box, but they are good kids; hard workers and trusting. We are hoping for help so as to grow vegetables and fruit for our consumption, and to sell to schools in the area who are begging me to plant and sell them veggies and fruit. We will begin after the next rice harvest.

May the Good God bless you all!

Fr Mike

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