September 2017 Updates

To all the friends of the children at Sarnelli House,

I have been back a little over 4 weeks, and it is as if I never left for the U.S. The problems I left behind were waiting for me upon my return, plus some new ones! But is was great to get back!  While I was home in Wisconsin for 10 weeks this summer, the staff took in 10 new kids; most of them young, young girls who were molested and raped and had no place to go or live, after relatives refused to take them in. Now I have been back for four weeks, and it is wee babies who are joining us. We are harboring a woman who was pregnant and badly beaten by her husband, who is dealing drugs and took a new woman. She just had a baby girl last week. This baby “Kampeng” and her older sister Chompu will stay with us. This lady wants to study Thai traditional message, and move south to get away from her husband. Rumor has it he wants the baby and her older sister to sell in Malaysia for drug money.

Then, two days ago, the Welfare people came to ask me to take a baby boy just born in the Nongkhai hospital, whose mother is a college student, who was fertilized by a fellow student who refused to take any responsibility. This girl was seen by nurses while talking to a couple who prowl hospitals looking for children to sell in Malaysia. (Malaysian Muslims take the babies and raise them as servants for their houses). I don’t understand why the police has not picked this couple up and prosecuted them. Anyway, I have the wee lad registered legally with us, and that way, I am the legal guardian, and no one can take any child away from us. The poor young mom dumped the baby and ran. We have funds to help girls like this continue their education, etc., but this kid was not interested. I have no idea where she went, or what she wants to do.

Fr. Ole has been transferred to our International School in Minburi, a suburb of Bangkok. He still helps us a lot in Sarnelli. Right now, he is working to get us Thai Foundation status. This will allow us to apply for grants from Thai businesses, etc. We get no help from the Thai government, although all abandoned and raped children, plus HIV/AIDS children, are given to us by the government, regularly.  

We pray for you and yours every evening and at Saturday Mass with the children and staff. Thank you so much for your support!

Father Mike


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