July 2016

Greetings to you all! Rice planting has begun and our staff, older children and volunteers have all been out in the fields at various times, knee deep in muddy water, bending to plant the rice seedlings into the ground. They are committed to the task and everybody joins in without complaint. Our office staff and house mothers help too as everyone is aware of the importance of a good harvest to feed our children. It’s hard work and apart from the occasional moan from one of our teenage girls from Viengkhuk, once they all start, everyone seems to enjoy being out in the fields, chatting and joking with their friends. It is important that the older children help the staff. Sarnelli House is a big family in many ways and chores are an important way for the children to contribute to their own upkeep. Appreciation of food is also important and in this area of Thailand, there is a great relationship between the land and the people. Not all of our children will go to higher education and learning farming skills like this could be useful for them in the future. We pray that the crop will give us a good yield this year and that we have enough rice for the children’s plates. One of our sows has had another litter and might need a break after two deliveries this year. We are grateful that this investment has paid off and we have plenty of pork for the cooks.

Other than that, all of the children are well. The little ones continue to race around full of enthusiasm and more impressively, not cause any great harm to themselves (or others!) with their energy. Our younger boys had a football game in Kumphawapi, Udonthani last weekend and were very disappointed to lose 4-0. The other team was stronger and much more organised. But our guys bounce back very quickly from a defeat and are already asking about their next game. They love football and it is a great way for them to stay healthy. It also helps them to learn about teamwork and responsibility. Many of them have matured since they started to play as part of a team.

Fr. Shea returns this week from this visit to the USA. He has been gone for eight weeks and everyone misses him. The children are all looking forward to seeing him. We hope his fundraising trip has been successful and that his journey back is a safe one.

Thank you for your continued support to all of us here at Sarnelli House. We pray for you and your families every Saturday at the children’s mass in our small chapel. God bless you all!

Fr Ole

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