December 2015 (Christmas and photos)

I am writing this on Christmas day, here at Sarnelli House. I realize it is a tad late to be wishing people a cool Yule, but things kind of got away from all of us. We had a great Christmas Eve, with village kids performing the story of Jesus’ birth. 80% of the kids in the play were Buddhist. Buddhist families, like every year, came to watch. Fr. Ole directed the play rehearsals, and at the end, before Mass continued, Thai performers were joined by German, Dutch and our Fr. Chuck, singing in their own languages the song “When a Child is born”. After Mass, village and Sarnelli children, plus adults from the village, mounted the stage set up on the soccer pitch to strut their stuff. There was plenty of food, made by villagers, and prizes and games. We also had a Dutch Santa Claus and Santa’s wife as helper (Ben and Angelique Ummels) giving all the children candy and gifts. In the meantime, Rainer Rudl, from APO Lutheran Church In Oberhausen, Germany, and his daughters videoed a message to his church, in front of the crib. The folks in Germany watched this video before their Christmas Eve services.

The kids will have their Christmas Mass and party on Saturday, Dec. 26. The kids from the Catholic school had the Christmas day off, from the high school and college kids did not. So, our 160 kids will be joined by our 60+ kids from the Outreach Program for a party and Fr. Chuck Beierwaltes as Santa. 

All of us here at Sarnelli House want to take this time to thank everyone for their support during this past year. I shudder to thank of what these kids and babies would do without you. We prayed for you at Christmas Eve Mass last night, asking the Infant and His Mother to grant all of you good health, happiness and peace throughout the New Year

Happy New Year!

Fathers Chuck, Ole and Mike, and Brother Keng


Christmas tree in Thai Style

The crib in front of Sarnelli House

The shepherds and the sheep team


Soldiers announcing

Jesus was born

The angel came to the shepherds

The three kings visited the Holy Family

All performers

Ben as Santa giving candy to the kids after mass

A post in front of the crib inside the church

The village people performed on Christmas eve

Fr Chuck visited the school on Christmas Day

At assembly on Christmas Day at Rosario School

The crowd at Christmas celebration at Sarnelli House on Dec 26

The gifts for the children

Santa (Fr Chuck) started giving presents for each kid

Present giving was continued

Two elves assisting Santa Chuck in giving gifts

House of Hope's performance

Jan and Oscar's performance

Jan and Oscar's second performance

Jan and Oscar's third performance in Thai Dance

Sarnelli House boys showed their talent with Joy to the World song

Some boys with present at the party

Santa visited the people

Fr Mike with Anja (left) and Leah (right)

The staff enjoyed the performance

A happy day of them!

Khun Neong and friends from Nongkhai came with many dolls for the children

Giving dolls for the children

Khun Tor, Tik and Payu came with presents for the babies at House of Hope

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