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December 2015 (Christmas and photos)

I am writing this on Christmas day, here at Sarnelli House. I realize it is a tad late to be wishing people a cool Yule, but things kind of got away from all of us. We had a great Christmas Eve, with village kids performing the story of Jesus’ birth.…

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November 2015

October was not a good month for us. Besides the death of Teep, we at Sarnelli House saw a sudden influx of abused and abandoned little girls in October. An 11 year old girl was given us by the courts, who was raped by an in-law. The cops are said to…

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October 2015

Dear Friends of Sarnelli House!

Thank you for the all the prayers and donations for the children of Sarnelli House! The kids just finished their first semester of school, save for the college kids, who will study until New Year, and then have thei…

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September 2015

I returned to Sarnelli House on August 20, after the usual long trek from the U.S. I found everything running smoothly and efficiently, with Father Ole and Brother Keng at the helm. El Nino has not been kind to us. The monsoons of old never really ca…

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July 2015

Dear all friends of Sarnelli House, 

Greeting from the grey sky in Nongkhai! 

I write an update a bit late this month because I want to see how the rain looks like and let you know. Finally the monsoon has come in the middle of this month. It…

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June 2015

Dear friends of Sarnelli House, 

The gym in Donwai is so silent and lots of Hieneken left in the fridge at Charlene House without Fr Mike and Kate. Fr Mike is in the States hunting for shekels (his term) for the children and Kate is on 2 week vac…

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May 2015

Hello from hot and muggy Sarnelli House! The worst of the hot season is over, and now we wait for the coming of the monsoon season. Our fields are plowed, and the lads are busy preparing the rice beds. A huge volume of rain water is needed to fill up…

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April 2015


We finished our Easter services, and now the kids are looking forward to Songkran, which starts Sunday, April 12. Songkran is Thai New Year, which the Thai celebrate for three days. It is the hottest time of the yea…

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March 2015

Being an Irish fellow, I’d like the start out by wishing everyone a Happy St. Paddy’s day! I have tried brain washing our urchins into being “Irish” with a party on that date, but some of our young maidens snarled at me “we wouldn’t be caught dead in…

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January 2015

Hi from the chilly Northeast!

We realize our chilly weather doesn’t hold a candle to the wintry weather many of you are undergoing, but we like it cool, but not down to 8-9 degrees C. But, the weather is warming up slowly, and then we slide into t…

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