July 2014

I am writing the monthly update during the absence of Fr Mike Shea. I am expecting to have a smooth and quiet month while the classes are resumed but it is impossible for Sarnelli House.

After the reshuffling the children and houses – the boys stay with the boys and the girls with the girls, it seems work quite well. All grader girls love to stay together and have the same interest. Mae Wan is a good model for them and takes them to mass on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. I introduce the grader boys the soccer games to respond the World Cup fever. They love playing it and have a regular game every Saturday afternoons. The village kids also join them. Some of them have good skill which I don’t know how they have it. I have some pictures below. I am thinking to have a soccer trainer in October when kids have semestral break. Is anyone interested to be?

Finally the monsoon has come! It comes quite late and we do not know if the rain will be consistency this year. Anyway we will plant rice start in the third week of July. It will take us about three weeks to finish all. I will ask the children above grade 5 to help out only three Saturdays. They love it. The staff will take care the rest of the work. Rice is very crucial for us. We hope to have good rain and good yield this year. Pray for us!

The sisters from Rosario School will send the teachers to teach our kids on Saturday mornings. It will start the third week of July. We hope this will help our kids to learn how to read and write better. Some are clapping hands but some yelling ‘no’ while I telling them – kids are kids.

If you ask who is the most famous among the kids now? It will be Titus, a forth months old baby. He is so cute and loves to be held by everyone. He has been with us since he was born. I have never seen him crying. He must enjoy our big Sarnelli House family. His grandmother and mother took him back yesterday. We will definitely miss him. I am one of them.

There are some fundraisers in July. Big and faithful one is Ceboride in Wisconsin, USA. This will take place in the third week of July. We wish them the best and thank you every riders and supports in advance. Patrick Mans also had bike ride fundraising for our kids – Zillertal Bike Challenge in Austria. He raised 12,000 USD. Super!  Watch his video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X84qqpWVrPg

There are some other people too please follow on this page http://www.sarnelliorphanage.org/stories/fundraising-efforts-2014

All is fine, no one has any serious matters here. I have few words from Fr Mike “My health is good!! The eye doctor apologized for telling me to get those expensive injections, and told me that although my eyes are not real good, they have not deteriorated since last year. Also, my blood sugar, blood pressure and other stuff have all improved. Only one more check up, for skin cancer. The Ceboride is shaping up; we have 26 riders so far. They cut the ride down to 54 miles. Say ‘hi’ to Fr. Khai for me, and I am bored and ready to come home....” That’s him!

We have Fr Khai, a newly ordained Vietnamese priest, come and help us until November. Bro Dtic has moved to station at Fr Ray’s foundation in Pattaya.  

I feel overwhelmed with your kind supports. Thank you so so much on behalf of our kids and staff at Sarnelli House. Thanks  for reading this update and sorry with my English! I have asked Kate to correct it but she said ‘You can do it.’ So enjoy my broken English. I will keep you updated again next month. Stay well and do remember we keep you in our minds and hearts and prayers. God bless you all always and all ways!


Sincerely yours,

Fr Ole


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