Changing of FOSH address

Years ago, my father, Johnny Bill Shea, a retired Wisconsin Aberdeen Angus cattle farmer, laboriously did the banking and scanning of checks for me. When pa was dying and could not do it, my brother Jack took the task until his eyes failed. Since then, about 7 years now, my sister -in-law, jack's wife Maggie took on the task. She worked carefully and diligently in processing the donations and sending on the information so we in Thailand could use the money where designated by the donor, and also write thank you letters and send tax deduction cards. Maggie did all this work gratis, and was instrumental in setting up our annual Ceboride, and most of all, having a warm, personal relationship with many of our donors. But Maggie (she is going to hate me for this piece of information) turned 70 this year, and decided to let someone else carry on. Maggie is a member of the generous Smith family, and her Krolczyk children have all been so generous in donations and time for Sarnelli House. They are the heart of Ceboride. The kids all know and love them. We now have a new PO Box, called a locked box system. It is up and operational, and we ask everyone to use this new address. We will keep Maggie's PO Box in Fond du Lac running for a while, until we are sure everyone is on the same page. I know this is an irritation, but we ask for your understanding and patience.

With great gratitude, we salute Maggie and keep her close to us in our thoughts and prayers. Maggie will remain on the board of directors for Sarnelli House. She is too much of a part of us to let her go.

 New address: 

Friends of Sarnelli House UA
Box 88234
Milwaukee WI 53288-0234

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