March 2010


I am back in Don Wai, after two weeks freezing in Wisconsin! I flew back to visit Fr. Larry Patin, my best friend in Thailand, who is now at St. Clement’s Health Center in Missouri. I left on March 1 and returned on March 20. I spent 4 days in St. Louis, and Larry is quite frail, lost weight, and has real trouble remembering things. That convulsion he had in Nongkhai (from the brain cancer) blew both his shoulders out of their sockets. One has been repaired, but then they found the cancer, so he is now taking radiation and then chemo to reduce the tumor. We had some good talks, but he couldn’t remember some places or people. We were in Thailand together for 44 years. We are praying for a miracle. There is much work to do for Fr. Larry.

I landed in Bangkok and went straight to Pattaya and the CSsR chapter. I am chapter moderator, and got there one hour before the first session. I had missed my flight in Tokyo, so was zonked out from jetlag.

Our lovely young Miss Noot was gravely ill for two weeks. Her dialysis shunts caused an infection, and she was found to have a bacterial infection in her throat and stomach. She has lost weight again. They finally did get her to the University hospital, though, and I hope the new medicine will take care of things. The three girls with TB of the lymph glands and AIDS are doing much better, if their weight is any indication. They are constantly roaring off to buy bigger jeans!

            School is out, and the new swimming pool donated from the will of Creston Smith ( a former Redemptorist) should be completed by the end of next month. Last year, we could not afford to take the kids on an excursion. I am collecting money this year, though, and will have enough, I think, depending on the amount of buses I have to rent. It always looks like a convoy of gypsies roiling down the road, where ever we wind up going.

            We haven’t taken in any AIDS-infected children for a while now, and that might mean the curse is tailing off. We only have two babies still unable to walk, but they crawl like paper devils. Three kids graduated from college, but we have more going on to college this May. I still haven’t seen any graduation photos. This was the first year I was not here for graduation, and I am hearing about it too. But when they receive their monetary gifts from me, they will be happy.

            Have a blessed Easter. I bought chocolate Easter eggs for the kids. That will have the kids pooping like geese! Tomorrow, though, is Palm Saturday for the kids. I will put a photo of  Father Larry and I (taken at St. Clement’s) on the altar. Again, thank you all, and God bless you for your kindness!


            Father Mike

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