The rice harvesting has begun!

After what seemed like endless rain, the wind has turned and the temperature has gradually, but noticeably, inched downwards. The roads have slowly dried out over the last few weeks and most importantly, the rice stalks have begun to droop and have turned golden brown. Our harvesting began this week while the children were at school. The farm workers were joined by our volunteers from Germany, the Netherlands and the Philippines, as well as house mothers and kitchen staff. As with the rice planting, everybody puts in a shift for the greater good of Sarnelli House.

Saturday saw some of the children join the staff in the paddy fields. They worked in pairs, one with a sickle and the other holding the cut rice. They talk away idly to one another and the fields are full of chat and laughter. Most of the teenagers, particularly the girls, will stay well covered when out in the sun, so scarves, long sleeves shirts and head gear are simply must haves in this year's rice harvesting season!

The work has only begun and our loyal staff will be in the fields every day for a good few weeks yet, joined on Saturdays by the children. Sunday is, of course, a much deserved rest day. Last year, our rice harvest fell short and we have had to buy in rice for the last two months. So we hope that the ample rain will have granted us a bumper crop to feed the hungry and growing children. 

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