Farewell Lara

Goodbye Lara !

Our long term volunteer from APO Germany (www.apo-tackenberg.de), left us in July to go back to the world and start her new life as a university student. APO has been supporting Sarnelli House and Fr Mike from the beginning of Sarnelli House’s life. They have consistently and generously raised money for us while doing their own amazing charity work with refugees and immigrants and with their youth programs. We only take long term volunteers from APO as we do not have the need for lots of volunteers out of school holidays and APO is able to incorporate their volunteers in a particular   volunteer programs which also support them while they are here as does Barbara and Rainer Rudl from APO. The volunteers have to be pretty hardy as being here all year round, they have to cope with being alone while the children are at school, and to live in a different culture with different foods, language and ways of doing things. Lara was here for 11 months and during that time she experienced life living with the children at St Patrick’s House and Vienghuk, dealt with two teenagers deaths at Sarnelli House and the frustration of not being able to fully communicate in another language. By the end of her stay, Lara’s Thai was much improved and she was well able to chat with the children. She experienced a Thai Christmas away from her family, rice harvesting and hot and spicy Thai food among many other things.. She made really wonderful relationships with the children, staff and other volunteers. Lara grew as a young woman as well, learning more about herself and overcoming lots of hurdles. It is with sadness that we said goodbye to Lara but we know she takes a little bit of the Sarnelli House family back with her in her heart and that we will see her again! Thanks for everything Lara xx


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