May 2016 Visitors

Good and loyal friends Petra and Urte from APO Germany came for a visit and were welcomed back with lots of hugs and joy. It was great to see them again and everyone is so grateful for all the care and support  they bring with them.

Rebecca  Robyns came with her Eye Se Me Project and the children were given cameras to be creative with and to document their world. We hope they have some success in the forthcoming exhibition in Hull, UK

Jodie, Steve and Cana Straub from the USA came for their first visit to Sarnelli House. It was a well-deserved visit as Jodie has been organizing  the Cebo Ride in WI for the last few years with amazing results from generous donors and friends and relatives. They finally came to see the children they had worked so hard to help. It was a great visit and we hope to see them again.

Marcia Meier from Germany a fulltime volunteer for 1 year back in 2011, returned again to her second home here with the children. She was welcomed back in to the fold like she had never left and resumed her great relationships with the kids and staff. After a 3 month visit it was hard to say goodbye – but we know Marcia will be back again

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