March 2018 visitors

Angelique and Ben Ummels from The Netherlands (www.vriendenvansarnelli.nl) are here for their annual three month visit. Always a pleasure for everyone to welcome them back to their Thai family. 

Leon and Henriette Castermans from The Netherlands (www.vriendenvansarnelli.nl) came for their month long stay. Leon was wonderful maintaining the swimming pool. They both repaired and cleaned and as always were a great help and excellent company.

Jim Snell, from the USA, is a great cyclist on the annual Cebo Ride and came for his regular visit. Jim painted at the children's houses and also sponsored some great outings for the kids.

Fr. Chuck Bierewaltes CSsR, from the USA, came for his annual visit. He was warmly welcomed back to his second home and even though the visit was shorter than usual, he gave generously of himself as usual and left us inspired and much loved. He also took all of the staff out for a long lunch, which was a lovely gesture.

A parent and kids group from St Joan of Arc Parish in Wisconsin USA came for their first mission visit. Alexander, Tyler and Owen, three 8th graders, were accompanied by Ken Kreiser and his father Gary, and Mrs Sandra Smithdill. They had a program for their week and immersed themselves in the kids’ lives – playing sports, swimming, arts and crafts and generally making great friends and learning about Sarnelli House. We thank them and all the parishioners of St Joan of Arc for their generosity.

Caroline Soh and Sam Graham from the USA came for one month and threw themselves into all the activities of the holidays. The kids loved them and they were a welcome and lively gift to us all. Come back again!

Mike and Janet O’Connor from the USA, relatives of Fr Mike cared for and supported him through his recent illness and spread their warm and entertaining friendship through to staff and kids alike.

Dan Orr from Northern Ireland, a recently graduated registered nurse, was a great help in the holidays – working in the clinic, running a workshop on hygiene, teaching English and generally helping out with all the activities of the holidays.

George Axton-Miles from the UK volunteered for the second time. He was greeted particularly warmly by his sisters at Nazareth House. George can be relied on to give his best to the children and he is a very welcome and popular addition to the Sarnelli family.

Weena and her Mum came from Bangkok to visit again. They are true and loyal supporters of Sarnelli House and have given much to the children and staff. Thank you. 

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