March 2016 Visitors

Jim Snell

Jim arrived for his annual visit from the USA. He has been here many times and knows the landscape well. Jim was as generous as ever, helping out with the kids’ trips to Tesco and with the food at the day out at the water park. He also enjoyed his time swimming with the Sarnelli House boys. The Viengkhuk girls made a lovely tribute to him at a dinner to say goodbye. See you soon Jim!


Thai Children’s Trust UK

Our friends from the Thai Children’s Trust came to see us during their most recent visit to Thailand. We had six guests in all, including the departing CEO, Andrew Scadding, who has been a long ally of Sarnelli House. We wish him well in his retirement and hope to see him again soon. His replacement, Adrian Hatch, was making his first visit, so it was lovely to meet him. And we also had Charlie Drury, Crispian Collins and Carl and Ann Gross visiting, all of whom have been here before and make for great company. Their support and ideas are always welcome and inspiring.

Sian Brace and Kevin Wilson

Sian is a long time friend of Sarnelli House and comes from the UK to see the children as often as she can. This was the first visit for her fiancé, Kevin. They entertained the children with frisbee lessons, pick up sticks and other games, as well as having great fun on our day out to the water park. Sian also took a trip to visit Matthew, the little boy she sponsors, who had gone home to visit his grandmother for a month or so. He and his grandmother were very happy to see her.

Miranda and Trista Liu

Miranda Liu, from China, came for her second visit, this time accompanied by her sister Trista. They taught some Chinese to the girls at Viengkhuk and took some of the Sarnelli boys for ice-cream. Miranda got to spend some time with Kane Lek, the little boy she sponsors, as well and he was delighted to see her again. They went for ice cream and did some shopping and Kane Lek promised to be a good student for her.

Thor Vaassen

Thor travelled from Australia for his regular visit and he and the children had a great time. Thor is very dedicated to the children of Sarnelli and gives everything while he is here. He helped with swimming, generously took the children on lots of days out and organised many art classes with his friend, Wang Chamchoy. The kids love Thor and look forward to his visits, so we hope to see him again in October.

Wang Chamchoy

Wang is a well-known artist from Chiang Mai and has become a regular visitor to Sarnelli House with his friend Thor Vaassen. Wang has overcome many obstacles to be the huge success he is and as a result, he is a great role model for the children. His good humour and creativity make his art classes very popular with the kids and they all love their friend from Chiang Mai. Wang also kindly repainted the Sarnelli House sign in Don Wai village.

Leo Wu

Leo hails from Singapore and is another friend of Thor Vaassen’s. It was Leo’s first visit to Sarnelli House, but he is an experienced volunteer elsewhere. He was very engaged with the children and helped Thor and Wang with their art classes. Leo is very keen to come back so we’re sure we will see him soon.

St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church

Nine women from a church group in Singapore came for a short but action-packed visit. They arrived with bags full of games and gifts and spent their time teaching music, doing arts and crafts and organising fun activities for the children. They also sponsored a big Sunday lunch for the children and the staff. If only we could bottle their energy! Thanks to them all for their generosity and enthusiasm.

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