June 2017 Visitors

Coline and Leonore from Switzerland came to Sarnelli House for a 6 week internship for their second year of nursing. They were a great help in the weekly clinic and making hospital visits and on the Outreach Program as well as getting involved in rice planting, cooking for the children and playing educational games on the weekends.

Svenja was recommended from our good friends at APO in Germany and she came as a recently graduated nurse and volunteered for three months at Sarnelli House. She lived at St Patrick’s House with the small boys and she and Lara (our long term volunteer from APO) really threw themselves into the boys’ lives. They developed hygiene activities for the boys – handwashing and teethbrushing, supervised swimming and meals and Svenja mended their scrapes and cuts and bruises. She also helped in the clinic, took sutures out, did dressings and helped with the Outreach Program. We are sad to see Svenja leave but we sent her off to her future with much gratitude and love.

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