February 2018 visitors

From APO in Oberhausen, Germany long time friends and supporters, Barbara and Rainer Rudl came again this year. They bought with them Jean Luc and Alia also from APO who spent a month with the children. Always great to welcome our friends back again and thanks to Alia and Jean Luc for their time and energy well spent with the children.

Adrian Hatch CEO of Safe Child Thailand, came to catch up on the projects they support at Sarnelli House. Safe Child Thailand have long been great supporters of Sarnelli House and it is always good to see Adrian and his team. 
Carl and Ann Gros, also friends through Safe Child Thailand, came for their annual visit to see the children. They are a warm and charming couple and it is always lovely to see them.

Dr Mike and Kathy Jennings from the USA came for their second visit and Dr Mike bought his medical skills to help out with the children and Outreach. It was great having them both here.

Tommy and Jai from Ireland came for their annual visit and again continued their support for the Outreach program and the children at Sarnelli. It’s always good to have more Irish people here!

Anja our volunteer from 2 years ago visited while working in Thailand for her social work degree. She is much loved and welcomed warmly into everyone’s lives.

Volker from Germany visited and supported the children with donations to buy sporting equipment, a washing machine and a water cooler. Thank you to Volker and his friends in Germany,

Mike and Janet O’Connor and their daughter Elizabeth from the USA, relatives of Fr Mike came for their annual visit. They are always warmly welcomed back to their Thai family. They bring such fun, friendship and encouragement to the Sarnelli House staff. 

Jeff Koch his wife and sister all from the USA and friends of Fr Mike came for a quick visit. We hope to see them again. 

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