April 2017 Visitors

Sian and Kevin from the UK who were recently married and whose  wedding guests donated to Sarnelli House in lieu of gifts arrived in their newly married state and spent a great Songkran with the kids.

Miranda from China came again and donated clothes and goods to the kids as well as also spending Songkran with them. She caught up with her sponsored child as well and he was so happy to get to know Miranda better.

Thor from Australia a dedicated volunteer came with his art classes and his generosity – taking groups of children out on dinners and lunches which the kids enjoyed.

Wang from Chiang Mai, Thailand came again and taught art classes with his friend Thor as well as joining in the Songkran celebrations. He is a great friend and mentor to the kids.

Leo from Taiwan also enjoyed Songkran with the children and hosted numerous trips out for the kids and helped judge the annual art competition.

Manon, Julie and Manon from France finished their three month internship at House of Hope and it was sad to see them go. They were a great help and taught the children and staff a lot while they were here. We wish them well in their ongoing studies.

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